Christmas party do’s and dont’s

Sarah Moore

Regardless of where you work, Christmas work parties are an annual opportunity for employees to showcase their character through what they decide to wear.

Unlike a night out with friends, it is important to express yourself in a way that is both stylish, festive but appropriate. Where the party is held can give a good indication of how you should dress in terms of formality, but there are a few safe options that can help guide you towards the perfect look.

To start with the boys, a fitted shirt, trousers and some kind of shiny shoe whether they be black or brown, with a simple belt will suffice. If you trust yourself, go for a white shirt with blue jeans/light brown trousers, and brogues. If it’s very casual feel free to nab an exciting Christmas jumper and wear it with black jeans.

Unfortunately, the ladies face a far more difficult choice. If you choose comfort over style generally, go for the favourite combination of jeans, heels and a nice top. Misguided recently launched an entire section on their website dedicated to this beloved trio.

Jumpsuits offer convenience and a chance to look really elegant. Primark recently brought in a stunning Christmas collection with one black jumpsuit that is a steal. Priced at €18 this blazer fitted jumpsuit with a satin finish will end their search for the company’s next CEO.

The smart look of a matching blazer with trousers/skirt and heels has really come into its own. A fitted look creates an expensive outfit. Velvet is one material that is being used more in this area and can look funky in an emerald or purple colour. Tartan can also give true Christmas vibes, and looks alluring in a matching set. Christmas is a fun time to use colours like red, burgundy, gold and silver to incorporate a festive vibe. ASOS offers a wide range of unique coordinates that are easy to style formally.

The Christmas work party is a good excuse to showcase some sparkles especially in the form of a dress. No matter how cold, ladies will grasp the chance to debut their lovely legs but it’s important in this situation to make sure the dress doesn’t allow for any unforeseen, possibly embarrassing exposure. The bosses want to appreciate your efforts but not to see the whole stage. For this, tights may be a good shout.

Christmas is a fashion season in itself, it’s a great way to express joy in clothing. In this age, there’s no right way to tell people how to dress but for your work Christmas party consider you want to get across a few things: style, festivity, fun and professionalism. Here are a few things picked from different shops to consider as ideas.

Lace V-Neck dress, H&M, €39.99
ASOS DESIGN red suit blazer
ASOS DESIGN red suit slim trousers








Gold sequin sleeveless swing dress – River Island

Sarah Moore

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