Court ruled student filmed snorting sugar be allowed to return to school

Niamh Quinlan

Two Leaving Certificate students facing expulsion have been allowed back to school by High Court ruling. 

The students were facing expulsion after a video was taken of one of them snorting a white substance which turned out to be table sugar.

A student took the video of the other boy during a class and it was spread around social media by fellow students. A concerned parent informed the principal disciplinary board and actions were taken.

The students were suspended from school and their expulsion was debated by the board of management. The board said that their decision as to whether the boys may return to school will be finalised by November 23rd.

However, the students felt that these measures were too severe and challenged the board’s actions through the courts, arguing that not only is expulsion illogical but is also a constitutional injustice. Mr Justice Max Barrett of the High Court ruled on November 21st that the two boys should be allowed to return to school.

Dr Leonard Condren, GP, found in his practice that “more students appear to be developing illness in the lead up to their state examinations.” These include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, tension headaches and even a relapse of asthma.

A similar case happened in the state of Virginia, USA in 2015. The 11-year old student was found with what the school authorities believed was a marijuana leaf in his backpack.

The boy was immediately suspended for the rest of the school year and local authorities became involved. However, the “drug” was tested three sperate times and each time it was found to be a maple leaf. However, the school refused to let the boy return to school until the end of his suspension. The child had panic attacks and suffered depressive episodes after the incident.

Niamh Quinlan

Image Credit: Orla Dwyer