DCU Archery on target for success

Hugh Farrell

DCU Archery competing at the Intervarsities

DCU Archery took home six medals in the Carlow IV competition in I.T Carlow on the 11th of November.
The DCU team had three gold and three bronze medal winners individually in the event with the compound and mixed teams placing first and the recurve team placing third.

This was the first in a set of five IV events to take place over the indoor season. Four of these competitions will count for final scoring, with DCU hosting one.

One of the gold medalists, Niamh Merry, was competing in her first competition in over a year.

“It was my first indoor competition in over a year and I managed to set a new Personal Best score of 555 (out of a possible 600) and came first in my category, so I was really pleased with that.”

“We’re all really looking forward to DCU’s own IV this weekend and hoping to achieve an even better result than in Carlow.”

Merry was also competing with a shoulder injury during the competition.

“There was a stage when I wasn’t sure if I should continue shooting. So, I was honestly really glad that I even managed to make it to the end of the competition. Although I feel like I could have done better had I not been dealing with an injury, I was really happy to score as well as I did.”

Kealan O’Connor, who also won gold, is a new addition to the team and spoke highly of the competition.

“First of all the competition was brilliantly organised by Carlow themselves, they took good care in making it as professional as possible.”

“It was my first indoor competition and my first competition with the DCU team,” O’Connor said.

“This was an amazing experience for me as everyone on our team is extremely talented.”

“Even though I’m only new to the team I felt as if I was already a welcome member of the team,” O’Connor told The College View.

“Overall I myself performed quite well taking to gold medal for my category, a position I hope to hold for the upcoming shoot on Saturday in DCU itself and ultimately the league as a whole.”

The second event took place in DCU at the weekend, with all scores being added on as the series continues. Scores from the DCU event not available at the time of writing.

Hugh Farrell

Image Credit: DCU Archery