Royal fashion through the ages

November 14, 2018

Amy Donohue gives us the round up of the Royal fashion over the last few decades. Who are the influences and tells us where there has been subtle nods to past royals.


Why roids aren’t all the rage

November 14, 2018

Many people have flocked to using anabolic steroids to achieve their goals but are unaware of the side effects that come along with using these substances. While they can be used to build muscle and decrease body fat, they are certainly not healthy for the user, especially if the user is not well educated on how to use them.


Phily McMahon documentary shows the devastating effects of drugs

November 14, 2018

“I never got a chance to share any of it with John. I’d give all my All-Ireland wins to still have him here with me today.” The work of the drugs court in Dublin was also a segment, with Judge Anne Ryan leading the judicial response to the drug crisis. The entire programme was efficient in highlighting what has become a health crisis here in Ireland.


Grub Guide: Póg Tara Street

November 14, 2018

Another restaurant that has been added to the list of millennial brunch spots springing up around the city. Lorna Lawless gives us her thoughts on the new Póg on Tara Street.