Exam cram

Caitlin Laird

It is coming to that time of year again when students are trying to get all their last assignments done and also cram in whatever study is needed to get them over their exams. It is these times that are quite stressful for students as it feels as if the workload is never-ending.

Any student would feel overwhelmed by all of the work and last minute deadlines but it is good to just take a step back, slow down and just breathe.

After a long day at college that will then turn in to a night of working on assignments and studying, it is only right to just take a break. It can be very tiring going all day and then coming home to do more so lie down and take a nap, even if is only for twenty minutes. You will wake up and be more ready for what you have to do and you will be more refreshed.

Instead of cramming, plan out what you have to do. Write it down and check it off as you go along. It can be very overwhelming trying to think all the time about what needs to be done next and it causes a lot of panic and stress.

If you write it down and come back to it every so often to check it off and see what else has to be done it becomes much easier to cope with it and you feel like you are on top of what needs to be done. The smaller tasks the better, it’s much better to have a small task to start with and tick it off to get the momentum going. Write a list of realistic achievable small goals that will eventually lead you to completing the assignment or study.

Go out and get a bit of exercise, even if it is just going for a walk for thirty minutes it is a really big help. Being inside all day with your head in books is not the way to go. Getting out in the fresh air will help ease the stress and awaken the mind.

During the exam period, many students resort to the caffeinated drinks to give them more of a buzz to keep them going on all-nighters of cramming and their diet takes a nasty turn. This is not good for the stress levels and it does not work.

Try and keep healthy and eat well and also drink a lot of water. By doing this it keeps the energy levels going instead of coming to a complete crash with all the high caffeine drinks.

A lot of student’s time is dedicated to studying and assignments around this time of year but it is important to make time for friends and family. Going out with your friends whether it is just to the cinema or for a coffee can really help you de-stress.

You may think it is impossible to get the time to do anything else other than work but you have to make time as staying in and being surrounded by books and work is not good for the mind.

Sitting down and having a talk with your family can also help a lot. It is good to get away from the workload for a little while and just relax and have some fun. You will find it much easier to work through your to-do list after you’ve had a small bit of a laugh.

One last tip- believe in yourself. You have to believe that you will get it done and that you will excel at anything that is given to you. Do not sit and stress and put yourself down as it will only make things worse. Have a positive mind and you will get through it.

Caitlin Laird

Image Credit: nottingham.ac.uk