Grub Guide: Wishbone

Mikey Walsh

For the lover of chicken wings, this Dublin restaurant is the go-to destination.

Opening 7 days a week and situated on Montague Street, in the laneway that everyone uses to get from Coppers to Ryan’s on a night out. This cosy restaurant is the place to go for possibly the best wings around.

The pungent smell of vinegar and chilli smacks you right in the nose as you go in the door, gripping a hold of the senses. Initially it is a little hard to look past but as the body adjusts, customers settle in to the warm friendly atmosphere.

A fully stocked bar and the option of cocktails come with the experience, adding that extra dimension to the meal, varying the option of just having the bog-standard coke or a pint.

The friendly staff are more than welcoming and are more than happy to chat about anything, and are just generally a bit of craic to talk to. You can see from their social media accounts that they have a sense of humour in the place and often share comedic posts on their Facebook page.

With odd and different flavoured wings, Wishbone gives the hungry customer a chance to try something new and exciting. Salted toffee apple chicken wings being a flavour they offer to change up the buffalo wing norm. They have also “spiced” up the bird world with zesty spiced orange coating as an option.

For those that are a fan of the norm, the punchy buffalo flavour brings all it can to the table. The crisp, and yet somehow moist, coating surrounding the tender meat will not disappoint as it works its way to every corner of the mouth, setting off the pleasure receptors.

Not everyone enjoys meat on the bone, and for those people there is no need to worry. Wishbone also offer chicken tenders in the classic buffalo sauce and also plain old southern fried, but remember, they are not known for their chicken wings or for their chicken tenders so take that into account when ordering.

At €11.95 for wings, it seems a tad bit pricey for one of the cheapest cuts of meat on a chicken, however, if you are looking to get value for money, they do offer a lunch deal. Until 3pm, its possible to get wings, fries and a dip for just €9.95, perfect for anyone on a budget looking for a tasty midday meal.

Classic rock songs like Queen play lightly in the background. The background of the wood cabin styled upstairs as the hungry patron’s tuck into their food.

They don’t skimp on portion size either, a massive bowl of meat that will not leave you hungry arrives at the table and forget about having dessert if fries come with it.

The sweet potato fries are the only thing to criticise, slightly soggy and could do with a bit longer in the fryer to add that bit of crisp, that works so well on the hipster-esque snack.

Overall this fashionable, very Instagram friendly restaurant, lives up to the hype and is a great place to go for lunch with workmates, a catch up with some old friends or date-night with a partner.


Atmosphere 8/10

Food 8/10

Service 8.5/10

Location 7/10

Value for money 9/10

Mikey Walsh

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