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Nicole Cassidy

Time to get your wardrobe ready for the new year, as brands are beginning to drop their spring summer 2019 collections. We all want to feel and look our best over the holidays and starting into the New Year.

The best advice that can be given for creating a spring/summer wardrobe is to buy several good statement pieces that you can build your looks around for both day and night. A key piece to every wardrobe is a good denim. If you are into jeans, dresses or skirts denim is always a great piece to have in your wardrobe. You can wear in a million different ways while feeling comfortable.

Denim can be expensive but paying that little bit extra for a good fit that will last is worth your while. Go for something that suits your shape and makes you feel good. A piece of clothing that makes you feel confident about your body can do wonders.

The top three brands on a student budget for jeans are River Island, Top shop and Good American. All of these brands cater to all shapes and sizes they range from €50-€170. The most highly recommended River Island jeans are the Harper and the Molly’s, they are great for day and night wear. The harper is a super high waist skinny and comes in four different leg lengths like the Molly. They come in extra short, short, regular and long. This is great as the variety of leg lengths means that you won’t need to get them altered.

Although the Topshop and River Island jeans are more affordable the brand good American is an amazing option if you are looking to spend that little bit more. The Good American come in a standard leg length which is the only negative about the jeans. They cater for all sizes from a 00 to a 24. The collection includes a lot of fashion denim with different features to them such as fringe, rips and buttons. They can be really fun to add to your wardrobe for next season.

Before purchasing a pair of Good Americans it would be advised to try them on as the material is extremely stretchy and many people drop several sizes as a result. If you do wish to try them on for fit or to purchase them in store as opposed to buying online they can be found in Brown Thomas stores.

Spring/summer collections always bring fun and colour, for the upcoming season strong and vibrant blues and reds have been seen throughout collections form Rixo London and Ganni. Colour is exciting to add to your closet. All black can be very classy and sophisticated but in the new year why not be bold and add some colour.

Wearing the right colour for your skin tone can completely change any look. The great thing about fashion at the moment is that you can create designer looks for a lot less. If you see something in a store but the price is that bit too high shop around. Most shops have the same style of clothing just at different price ranges.

Fashion websites such as Misguided and Pretty Little Thing are great for creating your look for less. They tend to use similar prints and designs from designer ranges and make them affordable for everyone.

The other three statement pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe for a new season are a good jacket, shoes and a bag. A new jacket for a new season can help bring your outfit to the next level. Something with a nice structure and cut can really change an outfit and can be worn again and again.

If you are a trainers or a heels type of girl finding the right pair of shoes to wear every day is so important you want to be comfortable and look good. The craze for black and white old school vans took over in 2018. An alternative to these such as converse can be great to throw on going to college every day.

Finally the handbag, sadly we don’t all have the latest Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag but a cute handbag is another way to funk up an outfit for the spring/ summer season. A pattern and or a bold colour is always a good choice, be different. Trade in your black tote bag for a cool backpack, go for something different on a night out. Why not swap your trusty clutch for a little belt bag instead.

Although Christmas is only around the corner and everything sequenced and sparkly is filling the stores, if there is that dress or pair of shoes you have wanted from any brands autumn-winter collections keep an eye out for them in the sales. St. Stephens Day sales can be manic but the secret to all sales is that the brand discounts down their stock from the previous season.

This is a very expensive time of year for everyone but if there is something that you have really desired over the past few weeks that is not in your budget at the moment have a sneaky look to see what season it is from. If it is autumn/winter 2018 there is a high chance that it will be in the January sales.

Don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to fashion, try the colourful dress, wear a skirt instead of your jeans and buy the colour instead of black. Be yourself and show your personality through what you are wearing instead of blending in with everyone else.

Nicole Cassidy

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