Beauty Buzz: Mario Badescu Skincare Range

Aine O'Boyle

Since being established in 1967, the name Mario Badescu has dominated the world of beauty and skincare for over half a century.

In recent years, with the sudden surge in self-care beauty and skincare routines, it has earned its crown as a cult-classic alongside many other well-established beauty brands.

Upon first glance, its simple and effective packaging exudes a clean and fresh look with small white or clear pots set against pretty pastel pinks, greens and purples, giving the impression of a luxury product at an affordable price.

Within the world of beauty gurus and makeup artists, particular products have enjoyed the spotlight such as that of the Mario Badescu Facial Sprays that come in a variety of scents and colours, with ingredients ranging from rosewater to cucumber and green tea.

With two to three spritz’ of this magical spray, one will find their skin feeling instantly hydrated and invigorated.

This product is a godsend for skin that is crying out for hydration during the cold winter months. Its dual function means it can be applied before moisturiser for added freshness or even after makeup application to achieve the highly sought-after natural glow.

For those that have combination skin that can be dry in certain areas or oily and prone to acne in others, the enzyme cleansing gel is a holy grail. The cleanser boasts a non-drying, non-foaming formula that is to be applied to damp skin.

Its gentle formula means it can be used twice daily and it is advisable to remove all traces of makeup before application so that the cleanser can unclog pores and work its magic!

Within the expansive skincare range, a number of slightly obscure products exist, one of them being the Silver Powder, with its main function being the reduction and extraction of blackheads and the minimising of large pores.

This product is as effective as it is interesting but has a tendency to be very messy in both the process of application and removal.

When mixed together with a few droplets of water, the powder coagulates to form a paste of which is then to be applied to the T-zone and general problem areas.

The paste will then dry quickly to form a rough texture that feels almost like a light layer of cement. It’s important to note that this paste is prone to flaking and can make rather messy work.

For those that tend to suffer from acne, the Drying Lotion works brilliantly to deal with pesky spots overnight. Pertaining to its name the lotion dries out spots but should be applied sparingly and with caution, as it tends to sting and can dry out large areas of the skin.

In terms of affordability, the Mario Badescu skincare range works perfectly for those who are trying to develop a skincare routine that consistently suits a multitude of skin types. Miniature sets can be purchased for anything between €30-€40 ranging from the essentials to acne starter kits.

Aine O’Boyle

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