Uncomplicated fashion?

Béibhinn Thorsch 

Athleisure and streetwear have become the new go-to for seemingly uncomplicated fashion.

Clothes are designed for comfort and seamlessness, usually incorporating strong colours and breathable material.

With growing frequency, we’re now seeing typically higher class brands collaborating with typically smaller or more casual streetwear brands, or simply creating products of their own in a streetwear style (seen with brands such as Balenciaga, who have gained a recent following of streetwear lovers).

Streetwear, while originally being somewhat limited to skate and even surf culture in the 70s and 80s, has no become a movement of high-priced and over-hyped clothing. While the clothing remains simple, the emphasis has moved instead to simple nods to the high price of the products being worn. These nods include minimalistic logos and high quality of the product, which seem to suggest the product is easily attainable however it is truly an exclusive item. Fans of streetwear and its Hypebeast subset are drawn to the exclusivity and rareness of different items.

The latest and somewhat unexpected collaboration in streetwear has been between Victoria Beckham and Reebok (Reebok x Victoria Beckham collaboration). With prices for some items in the range reaching almost €400, Beckham and Reebok are staying true to the triple-digit tag that draws in the hype culture however there are also slightly more affordable pieces available. Most of the line is unisex, something which is also appealing as there is a trend in streetwear of women wearing men’s-style street clothing.

The turning point for streetwear popularity came in the 1980s with the focus of sneakers and the beginnings of sneaker culture which grew into the streetwear scene we see today, and Beckham seems to have taken this on as well although Reebok does not have a notably high level of popularity among sneaker enthusiasts.

The sneakers are on the higher end of the prices for this range however are more unique to Reebok’s style as they incorporate the Balenciaga-famed shoe with a sock attached, with the Reebok vintage classic trainer style with the sportier type rather than the chunky Dad-shoe trend inspired by 90s fashion. Technical design is a huge influence on this collection, as is seen through the bold straight style. While Beckham wanted the collection to be sleek and fashionable for any look, it is also practical as sportswear.

“These pieces can take you from the gym to the office, with the school run in between,” Beckham said in an interview with Refinery29.

Other pieces of note in the collection include the cropped cowl neck jumper which is currently sold out online, the seamless leggings and fitted tracksuit bottoms which have been hyped and a €300 backpack.

The look of the collection is somewhat futuristic, however fits in with the technology-related looks that are a subset of streetwear itself. Although the collection is more expensive than most Reebok items including other collaboration ranges, it sold out upon release. The collection is still available on the Reebok website though many pieces are out of stock, and if you are able to afford the splurge it is sure to be good quality, and an important investment piece.

Béibhinn Thorsch

Image credit: PopsugarUK