Beauty Buzz: Naked Cherry Pallet

Nicole Cassidy

The naked cherry pallet has been hyped in the media since it’s launch in October 2018. It’s another one of Urban Decay’s must have eyeshadow pallets. The brand now has eight different eye shadow pallets, the cherry pallet is definitely one of the most unique to date.

It has a selection of twelve different shades ranging from neutral, strong base colours and a variety of peaches and plums. A great feature that the pallet has is its double sided tapered blending brush. It is a great tool for blending the colours together and creating the final look.

The naked pallets are a must have in your make up bag, although they have a variety of matte and shimmery shades throughout most of their pallets, the Cherry pallet is very unique. This is the first time that urban decay has released cherry shades in a pallet.

Four of the shimmer shades: bang-bang, turn on, ambitious and young love all have a cherry undertone which reflects beautifully when the light hits them.

The packaging for the product makes it even more desirable. The shiny dark pink case with the gold writing adds a richness. Whilst the cherries displayed in the colour of each individual eyeshadow makes it very cute and fun. The compact mirror which is included in all naked pallets is another great added bonus.

Although the shades are beautiful in the pallet, the quality and pigment of the mate shadows, in particular, the neutral shades “Hot Spot” and “Caution” were very disappointing. There is a significant difference in the pigmentations of these shades in comparison to Urban Decays earlier pallets such as Naked 2 and 3.

This was quite disappointing for such a popular brand, unfortunately, everything can’t be perfect but on the plus side the other ten shadows in this pallet make up for it. This pallet is the perfect tool for your handbag to take you from day to night. It has everything you need compacted into one package.

There has been several comparisons between the naked Heat pallet and the Cherry pallet, from purchasing both of these pallets it is clear that they are very different in regards to the looks that can be created with them.

Urban Decay launched The Naked Cherry collection at the same time as the pallet. The collection includes the cherry highlighter pallet, three lipsticks, two glides on eye pencils and a cherry setting spray which is travel sized. The spray is cherry scented.

The brand brought out the Naked Cherry vault which is great as a gift. It includes the eyeshadow pallet, the three lipsticks and two eye pencils.

If you are an Urban Decay fan especially the Naked pallets, the Cherry pallet will definitely not disappoint. It’s a new favourite among many urban decay users at the moment. The brand is always bringing out exciting new products that are great value for money.

The Cherry pallet is retailed at €39.20 in Debenhams stores and it is also available online through the Urban Decay website.


Nicole Cassidy

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