DCU Badminton qualify for cup finals

Ian Brennan

DCU Badminton finished top of their group to advance to the Tier 1 Cup Finals, which take place in Baldoyle Badminton centre.

DCU finished top of Group F, where they came ahead of the Technical University Dublin Tallaght “B” team, and the National College of Ireland’s “A” team.

The other teams to progress to the Tier 1 finals are Cork IT, IT Carlow, TUD Tallaght “A”, Dundalk IT and TUD City Campus, or DIT.

In each fixture there are five matches played, men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and then a mixed doubles match as well, giving each team five points to contest.

Melvin Cotoner, who is a member of DCU’s team to progress, spoke to The College View to give his take on how the team did in the group stages.

“We nearly beat all of them with a clean slate, 5-0, most of the time, so in our group I’d say it was pretty easy.”

DCU did suffer a 3-2 loss to Tallaght in the first round back at the start of November. However, they bounced back the same day to Beat NCI “A” 5-0 in a clean sweep.

In the second round of fixtures later on in November, DCU were too good for their opponents, recording flawless 5-0 victories against both Tallaght and NCI.

The third and final round of fixtures were played on the week of the 6th of February, with DCU tied on points with Tallaght going into it, only on top through score difference.

DCU held their nerve in the two final games to remain on top of the group while Tallaght finished second and will now play in the Tier 2 Cup Finals.

There are certain rules regarding what makes a team as well, as Cotoner explains. “To make a team you need two male players and two female players minimum, but you can have up to four from each gender.”

The second year Computer Science student realises that the Cup Finals will be a lot tougher than the group stages.

“I wouldn’t say it’ll be as easy as the group stages. It’s going to be more difficult, but I’d say we’ll put up a fight, we’ll do our best.”

There was one college in particular that Cotoner has been made aware of that could pose a threat to the team. “My teammate mentioned DIT being one of the strongest teams in the finals. I myself haven’t met them yet but I’ll take his word for it,” he said.

Cotoner explained how the team chooses who plays each match in the competition. “Each player knows their capabilities. So I wouldn’t play singles, I’d stay with the doubles.”

The Finals will be played on the 27th of February in Baldoyle Badminton centre.

Ian Brennan.

Image Credit: DCU Badminton