Skiing in Val Thorens

John Morley

A week in Val Thorens is the breath-taking trip of a lifetime – if you can afford it.

Val Thorens is the breath-taking and highest ski resort in the Three Valleys ski slope. The resort boasts some of the most majestic views of the open cliffs of the French alps.

Having spent a week there last year it is safe to say not only is it the ideal student ski break, but the ideal student holiday period!

From the nightlife to the Apres ski the resort is bouncing with joy and general ecstasy. From beginners to advanced skiers, there are slopes and sessions accessible to skiers of all levels. This resort is great for beginners because unlike many other resorts it has open slopes that are wide and without obstructions such as trees or boulders.

The flat green slopes just outside the hostels are the perfect place to learn to ski with little room to crash beside on your front or back gently in the snow. Best to avoid rush hours until you’re able to steer though.

Moving on from beginners the fun really kicks in. the place to go once you’ve mastered the second grade of slopes (blue) is Apres ski. Get a lift to the slopes and ski halfway down to one of the raves visible and audible for from the ski lifts.

The best and most infamous Apres bar is the Folie Douche. The bar is recognizable from drone footage and is the only place to go and bop in the mountain slopes with a few beverages.

Whether you are lucky enough to get into the bar deck area or if you are just day drinking in the sunshine on the side of the slopes, it is an amazing place for the socialise, dance and drink. With people wearing big ski boots dancing on these icy wooden tables, inebriated with alcohol, it certainly isn’t a spot for the faint of heart or casual drinkers.

The Folie Douche also has MC’s that will motivate even the most reserved of us to let loose. Helped in no small part by the champagne being sprayed into the mouths of the cheering crowd from the balcony.

Then there is the nightlife. The ski village of Val Thorens contains many pubs and nightclubs. A lot of whom do drink deals on cocktails and shots. Malaysia is the club of choice with music to satisfy all types of nightclub goers. Their typical night starts with a live band playing classic Killer, Kings of Leon and other American band bangers, it is then proceeded by club music which turns to techno by the early hours.

So far VT sounds like the dream student get away, and it is. However, it is not free and there are a few cost issues to factor in.

First, you’re going to need to sort out your flights, accommodation and ski admin expenses. These should, depending on how standard or premium you want to go, work out anywhere in the region of eight hundred to a thousand euro.

Then when you are over there you will need to be wary of tourist trap pricing. Alcohol is the main risk here. The most notable hike in prices is up on the Apres slopes where a 330 ml bottle of beer or cider will set you bank ten euro.

Not all areas on the night strip in the village are this pricy but, to get the best value it is best to buy drinks from an off license for before you go out to save some money. Between food and drink you will need in the region of three hundred additional spending money if you are making a big session of the week.

But it is value for money because a trip to Val Thorens isn’t merely a holiday, it is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have in your life.

John Morley

Image Credit: Wikipedia