Takeaway without the guilt?

Aoife Horan

With the hustle and bustle of student life, it can be almost impossible to pin down the time to cook three meals a day, commuting, lectures and study can make it difficult to find the time needed for oneself, never mind the time to prepare food.

On those busy days, when you’ve returned home only to realise that the day was so hectic you forgot to eat, there comes the decision on where to get food. This can be a tough one, hit the pangs in your stomach with something homegrown and healthy, or indulge your senses by logging onto Just Eat and finding a take away worthy of your sparse and hard earned student cash and keep your diet in check.

For this, San Sab in Drumcondra is the perfect fit, they’re a local, independent Thai restaurant that you can eat in, call or order online. San Sab is an authentic  Thai restaurant that is catered by Thai chefs to deliver authentic, unique and deliciously healthy food straight to your door in collaboration with local producers too. They opened in November 2017 and have been feeding droves of St. Pats students ever since, it’s time we Glasnevin students got in on the action.

Among their expansive menu are an array of moderately priced and healthy dishes. Pad Kra Pao, Pad Prik, and Singapore Noodles are among some of the tastiest options on the menu, along with Thai salads that fuse local home grown produce with traditional Thai cuisine, that adds a touch of je ne sais quoi. The restaurant also provides the more expected Red, Green and Yellow Thai curries and they deliver on flavour in a way one would never expect a takeaway restaurant to do.

The healthiest dishes on offer are the Protein Power Box and the Thai Green Box, perfect lunch options for an on the go student, that cost under eight euros each, ensuring you won’t break the bank to eat well. San Sab boasts vegetarian and vegan options too for most every dish on the menu, with their base noodle and wok dishes offering a variety of meat options as well as tofu and vegetables for those who choose not to eat meat.

If you’re feeling more indulgent, they boast some hearty dishes including the customer favourite their Crispy Sweet Chili Chicken, Crispy Chicken with Ginger Sauce, the heartier spicier cousin of the customer favourite and the Tamarind Duck, a decadent take on more traditional duck dishes.

San Sab provides a unique experience for the palate that is not being satiated by other Thai “healthy” take aways at the moment. Their choice to boast traditional dishes as well as Thai fusion makes for a remarkable menu that’s sure to fill a hole in any stomach that meets it. As well as being spoiled for choice, San Sab offers a 20% discount to all students who choose to Dine in or collect their order, ensuring that San Sab will become a staple in all DCU students diet in the coming years.


Aoife Horan

Image credit: Pinterest