DCUSU Presidential Candidate: Christine Farrell

Emily Sheahan

Final year Business Studies student Christine Farrell believes she can bring the voice of a “normal student” to the role of DCU Students’ Union President, should she be elected.

“I haven’t sat on Exec [SU Executive board], I haven’t sat anywhere where I’ve had the power to change, and once given that power I would be very proactive and do a lot with it,” Farrell told The College View.  

Farrell said that although she doesn’t have any experience in any Executive roles, she has been actively involved throughout her time in DCU. “I have been class rep for the past four years, I was awarded Class Rep of the Year in 2017, and I’ve been INTRA Officer for Class Rep Council for the past three years.”

“So I’ve had good enough engagement and involvement with the SU, even though it wasn’t through being an Exec rep like Adam is,” she said.  

One of the main aims outlined in her manifesto is the introduction of free gym classes.

“Our gym is quite expensive and to introduce, I guess, a levy would be another expense onto students especially when students might not want that gym membership,” said Farrell.

She said that many may find the gym quite daunting and these kinds of classes would be about getting the “fun out of fitness”.

“I feel like DCU does amazing things for mental health like they couldn’t be applauded more for it. But I feel we kind of need to inch up the physical health with that mental health promotion, so that’s why I want to introduce free gym classes in the U building and in Pat’s campus – just to increase kind of casual fitness.”

Farrell also aims to update the INTRA portal which she hope would happen in the coming year, if not shortly after.

“My main vision in terms of that would be to have a student voice sitting on that board that makes these changes,” she said. “I think it’s very important that a student gives feedback and opinions on how the portal is made that it’s best accessible for students”.

She said it is important that the process is “fast tracked because it’s very much overdue after 20 years.”

If elected, Farrell plans to change the Class Representatives Council system to a more informal one.

“That system just, in my eyes and I know in a lot of other students’ eyes, is too formal and a lot of people feel intimidated by not knowing the rules, that they don’t want to speak out,” she said. “ I feel like we could definitely make it more relevant, we could make it more engaging and there’s ways to do that and I hope to introduce it.”

She also plans to install an ATM in the U, something she says was a “forgotten cause” in the process of constructing and opening the new student centre.

In her manifesto, Farrell also says she plans to reduce library fines, bring more microwaves to campus, reduce printing costs, and work on new and existing campaigns “in areas such as the treatment and pay for our nurses, the Gaeltacht grant, LGBQT rights, mental health awareness, student transport costs,” and others.

Farrell commended the work of this year’s SU team and said they would be “an asset to be used and to be called on” if she were to claim the role of SU President.

“I think the five of them this year have been one of the best sabbatical teams that I’ve seen in quite some time.”

“I have been in DCU four years now, I’ve had such an amazing experience here, I’ve learned so many skills and so many experiences that have impacted me that makes me think that I am the best person for this role,” said Farrell.

Farrell is running against current Humanities Faculty Rep Adam Healy. Voting is open from March 5th to 7th.


Emily Sheahan

Image Credit: Christine Farrell for President – Facebook