VP for Engangment & Development: Katie Fay

Orla Dwyer

Katie Fay is a final year Chemical and Pharmaceutical student running for the position of VP for Engagement and Development against one other candidate, Helen Wade.

Fay is the current Science and Health Faculty Rep and has held positions as Class Rep, chairperson of the Science and Health society and secretary of the Society Life Committee.

These roles impacted her decision almost two years ago to run for the SU position in Engagement and Development.

“I have had such an enjoyable time and I wanted to help all students feel they have this opportunity too. This is why the role of VP for Engagement & Development really stood out to me,” said Fay.  

One of Fay’s plans for the SU is to have a full-time paid staff member working solely on events, a task normally undertaken by the VP for Engagement and Development  

“If there is one person dedicated to organising events then the sabbatical officers can spend as much of their time as possible doing the job they were elected to do by students and be as accessible as possible,” said Fay.

Another idea the candidate wants to bring forward is a campaign crew of students to work on SU initiatives such as KISS Week or national demonstrations on housing, direct provision and climate change. This crew would be comprised of unpaid student volunteers.

“While it is the job of the SU to plan these campaigns, it can be a lot for one or two people to take on,” said Fay.

“The crew would be similar to the welfare working group, 15-20 students who volunteer their time and get some great experience by learning simple tasks such as how to book a room all the way to effective PR and inviting in guest speakers.”

Fay wants to improve the class rep system by holding in-class instead of online elections earlier in the semester.

She is up against Helen Wade, a mature student studying Education and Training who is based on the St Patrick’s and Glasnevin campuses. A key aspect of Wade’s campaign is offering support to mature students and across all three campuses. 

Faye said she has experience engaging with all types of students due to the long hours typical of science degrees.

“I think I could use this experience to get students from all three campuses engaged in all aspects of DCU life. I would love more visibility on the St. Pats campus and definitely a revamp of the SU to make students on all campuses feel like they have equal opportunities for getting involved in the SU and Clubs & Socs,” she said.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I come to college most days with a second or third bag and will be here long after my lectures are finished. If elected I would strive to understand all the needs of mature students and all other students who find it difficult to engage in student life.”

Polls for the DCUSU elections open from 10am on 5 March to 3pm on 7 March on Loop.

Orla Dwyer

Image Credit: Orla Dwyer