Business School Faculty Rep: Charlie Kinsella

Clara Kelly

A major point of running for Kinsella is the bike scheme which he said has an 80% support rate among a 300 person sample from market research surveys he completed in DCU.

Charlie Kinsella is running for business school faculty rep to try make it easier for student commuters and those in student housing.

Kinsella is a first year Accounting and Finance student running against Hazel Byrne. He wants to expand the bike scheme and get rid of drop off only bus stops. He also plans to focus on creating a jobs and housing hub and addressing issues students face with accommodation and commuting.

The 19 year old AF1 class rep, from Drogheda, Co Meath commutes everyday. He said it can take up to four hours a day of travel time.

He said this makes him aware of what’s going on when it comes to the struggles commuters face.

Kinsella told The College View: “At least Rosa Parks was able to get on the bus but unfortunately students have been left out in the cold when it comes to commuting.” He said he has had to approach the bus operator to try increase bus frequency, and that it’s not acceptable to students.

Kinsella works part time in an accounting firm, which he said makes him “understand the value of relevant work experience in the context of getting a job and your studies.”

He noted: “There are whole modules dedicated to Excel for people who have never seen a spreadsheet before,” and said this is why vocational part time jobs need to be supported by the student union going forward.

A major point of running for Kinsella is the bike scheme which he said has an 80% support rate among a 300 person sample from market research surveys he completed in DCU.

He believes a housing hub would also be needed: “There is a housing website or page on the DCU website but ultimately, having a very small list of properties is not sufficient to the needs of my faculty or all DCU students in general.”

“We need the student union to solicit local accommodation” and make sure those who are being given “free advertising” from DCU have their paperwork in order “so it’s completely clear these people are not cowboys, they are proper landlords,” said Kinsella.

He said that “you might not think it’s a big thing paying the landlord in cash, but if you do pay a  landlord in cash where is the landlord going to be when the microwave blows up, or the washing machine blows up.”

“But then again, what would I know.”

When asked why he would make a good candidate, Kinsella said he is the ideal candidate “because the issues than I’m running on, personally affect me. I am personally a commuter, it’s not abstract I am on the busses.”

He said that he is the ideal candidate because he has some experience in lobbying:

“I understand what it’s like to be stonewalled by 200 people at CRC and get back up,” he said. “Just because someone thinks it’s not as important and it might not be important to them,  might not be important to the whole college as a whole but if it helps one person’s day it’s enough for me to get my back up about it.”

Kinsella, was also a student in attendance at this year’s ‘A&F’ society event which lead to the society getting a ban for a semester to due to inappropriate behaviour.

Kinsella told The College View, referencing A&F committee member Christine Farrell, now running for DCU SU president, “to be SU President you need to have a certain moral standing and you also need to have shown a certain level of confidence when it comes to compliance.”

He said he “would want to hear a very clear explanation as to the journey that particular person has been on, because the person who stood over that particular event and didn’t resign is not a person who is able to run for president. “


Clara Kelly

Image Credit: Charlie Kinsella