Clean space, clean mind?

Clara Caslin

Amessy bedroom can leave a person feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax and signals to our brains that our work is never done. 

A bedroom should be a peaceful retreat, after all, it is where we sleep and relax. Fortunately, clutter is one of the easiest stressors to fix but seeing so much of it in one space can actually make us feel unable to handle it.

Put on some music, light a scented candle and stand in the bedroom and visualise it the way that makes it cosy and clean. Clear section-by-section and stick to one part so that the room doesn’t end up worse than it did to begin with! Have some black bin bags or boxes handy so that they can be filled with things that are not needed anymore. The best place to start is with clothes. If they are lying around the floor, pick them up and put them all where they should be. Put washing into baskets and hang up or fold what is clean.

Three things that people let build up until they have nowhere to put them is clothes, books and DVDs. Go through them every few months and donate what isn’t wanted any more to charity. Try on clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe and see if they still look good on. People change their style and don’t realise they’ve held onto items that will never be worn again.

Piling everything onto the bed might seem like a good idea at the beginning but it can cause distraction. When you’re swimming in a mess at two in the morning and have to pull it all back onto the floor you realise that it definitely was not a good idea. Make the bed and this will help prevent loading things onto it. It will also clear the cushions and blankets that are usually thrown onto the floor.

As students, there can be a lot of paperwork around so shred what isn’t needed and put the others into folders as this will help when looking for certain notes. Get rid of the drinking glasses that pile up on tables and bin any old magazines. Makeup is one of those things that women collect a lot of but only keep what is really loved. If it’s not reached for most days then toss it and don’t forget old needs to be thrown away because of bacteria buildup and the same goes for face creams.

Utilise under-the-bed space and store shoes, bags and summer or winter clothes (depending on the season). When dressers, night tables and desks are clear, clean them down with antibacterial spray and clean any mirrors around the room. For the final step, hoover the floor and then place a maximum of three items of decoration on each. Write down a list of small cleaning jobs to do daily so that things don’t build up and the room goes back to square one.

Clara Caslin

Image Credit: Pixabay