DCUSU VP For Academic Affairs Candidate: Callaghan Commons

Jon Morley

Image Credit: DCU Students' Union Facebook

Current VP for academic affairs Callaghan Commons, will look to change DCU’s feedback policy to improve the system for both students and faculty members if he is re-elected.

“I want to work with the appropriate staff and organisations to amend the current policy DCU has on feedback,” Commons told The College View.

Commons believes the current policy on feedback is too vague and needs to be refined so that both students and staff have clarity on feedback criteria and mechanisms.

“[It’s] so that both staff and students know what feedback is, what to expect form feedback and what timeline they can expect feedback in,” said Commons.

His manifesto includes his feedback recommendations and builds on campaigns he ran
this year such as the ‘Don’t Drop out Drop in’ campaign and Career’s week.

The campaign was run to welcome and assist incoming first years in DCU in the past year by
highlighting DCU support services to freshers.

“This was aimed at first year students who may have been struggling from the jump to college from secondary school and may be unsure about their course, university life, feeling isolated and may be considering dropping out altogether,” said Commons.

“The Campaign was made to make them aware of what services were available for them here in DCU and to reassure them that there are people who will listen to them in DCU,” he added.

As part of an expansion to the campaign Commons hopes to add life skill courses to help students settling in to University life.

“I would like to run this campaign again and run some additional life skill elements such as cooking courses and budgeting workshops,” said Commons.

Another aspect of his manifesto will see Commons continue his work with careers week which he believes contains something for everyone.

The week-long event comprises of twenty-eight events for both student and staff members of DCU boasting events for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Commons hails from Meath and has worked his way up to the SU through the Class reps’ systems, eventually becoming the Science and Health Faculty rep.

As the Current VP for academic affairs, Commons believes that his experience and work ethic are key factors for those considering him for re-election.

“I’m experienced I’m dedicated I’ve put so much of my time into the SU and I really don’t think there’s any better candidate than me due to my experience,” said Commons.

John Morley

Image Credit: DCU Students’ Union Facebook