DCUSU VP For Welfare and Equality Candidate: Cindee Luna Chin

Róise McGagh 

Image Credit: Róise McGagh

Cindee Luna Chin is final year politics and law student running for DCU SU Vice President for Welfare and Equality 2019/2020. The focus of her campaign is to introduce a peer mentoring programme, to improve mental health services and emphasise diversity.

Other points noted in her manifesto are mandatory consent classes and expansion of Irish Sign Language (ISL) classes across campuses.

“I know from first hand experience that struggling in college isn’t limited to first years,” said Chin on the topic of mental health.

The idea of the peer to peer mentoring scheme would be to match students up with another student and according to the student’s preference. She says the mentors would be trained up, not to replace a counsellor, but to be a listening ear. She hopes it will alleviate the pressure on the counselling system and help those who feel they aren’t yet ready to visit a counsellor.

Chin said she would like to work harder with chairpersons of cultural societies to introduce information weeks and encourage more people outside of that culture to join.

“I would love to work harder with societies like LGBT society, the islamic society, the Chinese society, Japanese and all those societies..  A lot of the time societies for different nationalities are very much just the people of that nationality, it would be nice to spread more knowledge and information around them. Maybe people that aren’t from that group would like to join and learn more,” she said.

If elected, according to Chin, she would be the first ethnically diverse female sabbatical officer on the SU.

She supports the introduction of a part time SU accommodation officer to help people juggle their finances and stated “it would be great to make it easier for people travelling far and trying to book a lot of viewings for one day.”

“I want to see about them helping with better viewings for houses,” she added. 

She said she wants to use the new officer alleviate pressure, give people advice on scheduling viewings and to help with problems between landlords and students.

Chin said she would be willing to liaise with accommodation providers about prices and was happy that DCU accommodation made their application fee refundable.

If elected she would have consent classes scheduled into the academic timetable.

“I know that some people say that having mandatory consent classes goes against the idea of consent but at the same time I only managed to take the consent class this year and I’m in final year.” she said, “So if they are timetabled in for first years, you wouldn’t be punished if you don’t go but it would be better that there is an allocated time for it, because sometimes it’s on during class,” she said. 

Róise McGagh 

Image Credit: Róise McGagh