Dublin’s best spots for fades and trims

Getting a fresh haircut for some is a great feeling, giving them the confidence to take on the world and look good doing it.

But going to a new barber can be a daunting thought. Not knowing if the barber is going to give you a fade that Will Smith would be jealous of can leave anyone questioning their decision, as they wait in line to hear the “who’s next” call.

Sitting there watching every swipe of the blade eagerly, inspecting each cut despite not knowing anything about the process of how to actually cut hair properly. It can be an intimidating experience for anyone to get a trim from someone they don’t know but don’t fret, here’s The College View’s Guide to Dublin’s best beard trims and fades.

The Waldorf Barber Shop located on Westmoreland street is the quintessential place to get a cut in Dublin City Centre. The old style decor gives the place a sense of heritage as though it’s from the 1940’s, but fear not, it doesn’t leave your hair looking 80 years behind the times. If you’re ok with spending that extra little bit of money on an experience, then this traditional establishment has great Barbers and great character, leaving customers with a tight fade and a tremendous experience.

Sam’s Barbers, a family run barbershop chain, does everything needed for its customers to maintain a fresh look. This group of business’ caters nicely to the re-emergence of the beard offering whole beard trims with a wash, hot towel and blow dry for €20. A hair wash and cut will set customers back a hefty €30 but for the quality and experience it is worth it if your budget isn’t tight. With five locations all around Dublin a Sam’s Barbers is never too far away.

The Grafton Barbers has 41 stores across 9 counties making it the largest chain of Barbers in Ireland and the UK and a household name. They’re not hard to find when looking for a reasonably priced haircut from an experienced barber. Their student deal, which is available Monday-Friday before 12pm makes the cut affordable at just a tenner for a dry cut. They offer a complimentary beer on arrival, enough to make any man come back again.

Its a tattoo parlour, it’s a barber shop, and it’s even a coffee shop, The Ink Factory on Wellington Quay has everything needed to make its customers stay for a whole day and have a great time. You can book in advance which means no waiting in line listening the guy in front have a lovely conversation with the Barber while staring at the clock. This place has a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with a bit of a buzz (pun intended) about the place.

Being the highest rated barbershop in Dublin on Yelp is reason enough to pay The Fireplace Barbershop on South William Street a visit. Careful attention to every customer coming in the door and cold craft beer or coffee on offer sets the precedent with what is a very pleasant experience. If a bit of pampering is needed then this is the place with a “consultation” included in the price of the cut. The Barbers know what each customer plans to do with their hair and beard and cut them accordingly.


Mikey Walsh

Image credit: StreetsofDublin.com