Huawei ban could stop progression to 5G for 5 years

Mikey Walsh

Chinese communications device company Huawei, who own 16% of the world market share of mobile phone manufacturing, have been banned in the US, Japan and Australia over

The ban of Huawei products in countries across the world could slow the progression of the
implementation of a 5G network in Ireland over the next 5 year. 

Chinese communications device company Huawei, who own 16 per cent of the world market share of mobile phone manufacturing, have been banned in the US, Japan and Australia over
security concerns.

“The concern regarding Huawei is that there are alleged close ties between the company and the Chinese government, therefore are these vulnerabilities being actively exploited,” said security expert Brian Honan.

Huawei produce more than just phones with sensors, autonomous vehicles and broadband modems, all connected to the internet and gathering data.

The company have been accused by the US and other western countries of its equipment enabling spying by the Chinese government.

It has faced pushback from these countries in it involvement in creating an ultra fast 5G network after the arrest and detention of its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, in Canada last year.

Wenzhou is currently under house arrest in Vancouver and awaiting extradition to the US over charges of fraud for lying to US banks to circumvent Iranian sanctions.

The company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, a former People’s Liberation army of China engineer, has denied allegations of the government’s involvement in Huawei.

He said: “Neither Huawei, nor I personally, have ever received any requests from any government to provide improper information. If Huawei received such a request we would refuse.”

There have been concerns over the the involvement of security agencies in digital surveillance in recent years after Edward Snowden exposed the NSA’s programme involving tapping into laptop and mobile phone cameras and UK’s Government Communications Headquarters intercepting Yahoo video calls.

Currently, there are no plans to ban Huawei in Ireland and a 5G network is under development by Vodafone and Three here, saying that a small scale 5G network should be rolled out later this year.

Vodafone is currently working with Ericson on its 5G infrastructure as oppose to Huawei.

“The security of our customers is our top priority and our network is based on multiple layers of protection,” said a Vodafone spokesman.

Huawei currently operates in 170 countries and employs more than 180,000 people making it the third largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide, just behind Samsung and Apple.

Mikey Walsh

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