Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Representative: Tadgh Jenkins

Shauna Burdis

Tadgh Jenkins, Humanities and Social Science candidate focused on welfare issues for DCU students.

Tadgh is an active class representative and member of the DCU Student Union Welfare Crew. He has been involved in various different Student Union campaigns such as Save Our Shepard, registering students to vote, Raise the Roof and NICE Week.

In his manifesto, Tadgh states that if he was elected, he would provide the student body with a visible representative presence through a Faculty Rep Clinic that opens every three weeks on both the Glasnevin and St Patrick’s campus.

Speaking about the clinic, he said that it would have an “open door policy” and will provide an email and contact number so students can get in contact with any kind of problem. As “listening is the most important part of being a representative”.

Tadgh is also proposing that students on all DCU campuses have access to First Aid courses to help employability.

He also raised the issue of Irish signage, stating that it’s “an integral part of our culture and
in our daily lives.” If elected, he plans to work with relevant authority within the campus to
make sure that Irish is included into daily college life.

In relation to making changes within the university, Tadgh stated that “we all need to be prepared to take a stand for things that matter to us”. As he wants the students in his
community and faculty to have best experience and get the most out of college.

If elected Tadgh is willing to work with the other humanities candidates on important issues
raised in the election. Including humanities and social science candidate Caoimhe’s plans on
improving facilities for commuters and other humanities candidate Thomas Ward’s plan on
bringing more awareness to mental health.

Tadgh plans to focus on the issues relating to humanities and social science students as he
believes there is “no point forging ahead and putting things in place if they’re not what
people need”.

Tadgh is running against first year Law and Society student Caoimhe O Carroll and second year International Relations student Thomas Ward.

Voting for the Students Union election begins on March 5, from 10am until 3pm March 7.
Voting takes place on

Results will be announced on March 7, at 5pm in the U, Glasnevin campus.

Shauna Burdis

Image Credit: Shauna Burdis