Societies Officer: Mark McGee

Roisin Maguire

Mark founded his own society in first year, which he is now chairperson of.

Mark McGee talks of the importance the collaboration of societies in his campaigning to become Societies Officer.



Mark McGee, a second year multimedia student, is running for Societies Officer against Cian Hade after acquiring knowledge in his two years in DCU as Chairperson of the International Erasmus Student Network DCU.

Mark founded this society in first year gaining experience in the funding of societies and has witnessed the importance of societies in a university surrounding. He said that he is suitable f

or the role from his experience in DCU of founding the society and “all the barriers and challenges that come with it”.

Mark believes that societies are a “vital part of student life” and that he would not have the connections or friends that he has now without the various societies that DCU has to offer.

There are many intentions that Mark has if elected as Societies Officer such as an improvement in office hours and even though his role is only part time, he considers it a full time commitment.

He said: “I found that meeting face to face with SLC representatives and Society Officers are a far better way of obtaining information I needed.”

The making of at least two office hours a week is a “very productive way of communicating instead of email” according to Mark, as emails are usually left unread or end up as spam. As a communications student, he aims to find more effective ways for societies to communicate with the student body and with staff.

Mark mentioned that societies work better together in order to run events smoothly and that the only way societies can get in touch with each other is through email or by going to their events which is a slow process. He believes that with the right resources, he can better the way that societies are involved with each other. This is also a cost saving mechanism for societies which means that more events can be held throughout the year.

The administration process behind societies is another issue that Mark intends to tackle if elected as Societies Officer. He said: “I understand the administration processes behind the scenes. Not everything runs smoothly with the contact between societies and administration, with issues such as obtaining the correct information and upkeep being provided.”

Mark ensures that a step by step guide will be available on how to correctly register new societies with the Bank of Ireland on campus. He recognises that funding is one of the “most complicated issue for societies at the beginning and leads to a lot of difficulties” and that his experience can help new societies on all campuses in DCU.

A society guidebook was the final aspect of Marks campaign. A detailed guide on the running of societies from advertising, funding or simply booking rooms, he believes that this would be a vital help for societies both old and new.


Roisin Maguire

Image Credit: Facebook