Travelling Tips with StephMyLife

Lorna Lawless

Cork native Stephanie Barry-Woods is a travel blogger who has travelled to 23 countries in 30 months and is currently based in Bali.

Stephanie has years of experience with travelling while on a budget so she let us on all the tips. If you’re debating travelling after you graduate, you need to consider how you are going to fund it.

“We had to do it all the cheap way, but we actually didn’t work for the first ten months when we were away, that was our plan. We wanted to save up enough so we didn’t have to work for the first year”.

Budgeting can be difficult when the goal seems unattainable, but meeting smaller goals with a treat at the end is a brilliant way to save while keeping your social life going.

“Give yourself a goal and when you reach it, treat yourself.

“I actually broke it down by day, that whole method of putting money away when I got paid didn’t ever work. I don’t think it works, you might feel like crap because you’ve pulled from the savings but you really just haven’t prepared well enough.

“I broke it all down, how much we were earning and spreadsheeted the whole thing. I feel like that’s the only way you could do it,” she said.

Saving for long-term like moving away or travelling for a long period of time can be extremely difficult, but if you’re accounting for it daily and you are aware of it, the goal becomes reality.

“I broke it down by day and then I could see where I was spending all my money and then figure out if I was really careful, how much I could save if I was kinda careful, and then let myself have blow-outs.

“In your mind, you’re meeting these tiny goals and your saying to yourself right I’m going to get to 2,000 and when I get there, I can go out for cocktails with my friends to this rooftop bar I’ve really wanted to go to, then there’s another goal in like 3-4 weeks instead of saying I want to save 50,000 in two years because you’re not going to do that”.

When asked if she would recommend Asia, Stephanie had no doubts.

“I thought we’d come here and wouldn’t stay that long but we’ve been here since the end of May and I’m really loving it.

“Australia I just wouldn’t recommend to anybody who is starting off, it’s awesome but it’s so expensive. Unlike Asia, you see, do,  eat and drink and get around for pennies. You can even fly internally for like 20 quid and that’s the part you won’t get in Australia. It’s so much easier in Asia.”

Stephanie has started her own business through her website and is now starting her own Bali tours and offering a service of personal travel planning.

“For your first trip it’s a really good idea because you can see the planning process, I plan it with people on Facetime, you get an idea of how to plan.

“The thing you have to overcome is that moment of like I want to go there, but I’ve no idea how to go about it, tours and group tours basically get you there.”

Stephanie built her brand on Instagram initially but now her business is starting to thrive. “I receive no direct income from Instagram… just 30 per cent is coming from Instagram swipe up links  and everything else is coming from Google and direct links to my website.

“I use affiliate links on my website for Amazon and for hotels, but one point is I’ve never got a free hotel stay and I’ve never got a free product that I use for backpacking ever.”

Stephanie’s website ‘’ is a treasure trove of information for all things Asia, Australia and more. Check it out if you’re debating whether to take the plunge before entering into that nine to five job.

Lorna Lawless

Image Credit: StephMyLife Instagram