Seventh heaven for DCU Weightlifting

Gerard Grimes

DCU Weightlifting Team

DCU Weightlifting came back from their Intervarsity competition in Galway on February 16th with seven medals to their name.

The DCU team sent 12 people to compete in Galway, with six of those competing for the first time.

Three of the seven medals were gold, coming from Hannah McGowan in the -59kg category, Ronan McBride in the -61kg category and David Talan in the -102kg category.

McGowan was competing for the first time, and headed into the competition more so for the experience.

“I didn’t have many expectations heading into the competition. It more for the experience this year,” McGowan said.

“I really enjoyed competing and being able to have fun with all the gang. Everyone was so supportive and it really helped to take the pressure off.

“I had my doubts before the competition but it was definitely worth it,” McGowan told The College View.

Alannah Hedderman and Sean Quigley brought home silver medals in the -71kg category and -81kg categories.

There were also two bronze medals from Jack Walsh in the -89kg category and first-time competitor Emily Morrin in the -71kg category.

Another year, another successful Intervarsity in the books. Super super proud of the newcomers to the club that…

Posted by DCU Weightlifting on Saturday, February 16, 2019

McBride took two months out after suffering a concussion in November and went into the competition without any thoughts of medals in his mind.

“I was very pleased with how I performed on the day. The result gives me a good platform to build upon and push on with training in preparation for the next competition in July.

“Having sustained a concussion in November I was forced to take two months out,” McBride said.

“I had a fairly conservative start back to training in mid-January although thankfully my training was consistent and had me feeling sharp in the build-up to intervarsities.

“I definitely wasn’t thinking about medals going in to the competition. My goal was to hit 6 good lifts on the day and enjoy the opportunity to compete – the gold was just a bonus.

“The team were incredibly happy with DCU’s performance on the day. We had all trained well in the lead up to the competition and it showed with 7 medals coming back to DCU,” McBride explained.  

DCU have had continued success in recent intervarsity competitions, winning 27 medals over the past three years.

McBride believes their success comes back to a number of factors, including their focus on beginners to the sport, who he says will be important to the club’s success, which they are looking to continue.

“DCU Weightlifting Club are constantly on the look-out for beginners and new members. We run very successful beginner classes twice per week on campus led by Weightlifting Ireland qualified coaches where beginners are taught the lifts from scratch, no prior weightlifting experience is necessary.”

“As members develop in terms of technique and strength, they are progressed to Club Training at DCU’s high performance facility in St. Clare’s,” McBride said.

“This allows the members to begin training with the competitive squad in an open and encouraging environment with fantastic coaching.

“We have plans to build on our recent success and continue to grow the club. We cannot emphasise enough how important beginners are to the club’s continued success in the future.

“Despite it being an individual sport, DCU have a very strong team emphasis. We all train as a team and when we go to competition although we may have individual goals, we support our teammates from DCU and help each other out in any way we can,” he explained.

Gerard Grimes

Image Credit: DCU Weightlifting / Facebook