Sex education in schools is ‘shocking’, hears Blindboy Podcast at DCU

Gabija Gataveckaite

The standard of sex education in schools is ‘shocking’, according to HIV advocate Robbie Lawlor.


Speaking at Blindboy Boatclub’s Podcast Live at The Venue at DCU on Wednesday, the PhD student explained how sex education needs to take place earlier in Irish schools.


“Young people have sex habits at 17, 18, 19 years of age, we should be informed earlier,” he said.


“I love educating young people because this generation will rid our society of sex shaming,” he told the fully packed audience.


Lawlor was a guest on the podcast alongside Caroline West, a fellow PhD student, who is researching pornography and feminist theory.


West explained the need for a more open and honest conversation about sex in Irish society.


“Healthy long conversations are long overdue,” she told Blindboy.


The host proceeded to ask her about ‘alt-right, misogynistic men’.


“What about those men who say, I’ve seen the figures, women like rape porn?” Blindboy asked.


West proceeded to explain that rape fantasies for women are very popular.


“There is women that want rough sex, but the issue is control. Do whatever you want, but it has to be consensual,” she explained.


“Fantasies are a way to take back control,” she added.


Blindboy then went on to use the analogy of a horror film to further explain the topic.


“We all like horror films, we don’t all want to be cut up and stabbed,” he told the audience, which laughed.


“Porn is one of the last few areas where you can explore taboos and deepest darkest secrets,” West said.


Lawlor also went on to discuss the need for more awareness around HIV and the drug PReP, a medication which reduces the chances of being infected with HIV in cases of unprotected sex.


He explained that if treated correctly, HIV is undetectable and untransmissible and he urged the government to act on HIV awareness and the availability of medication.


“Give us out free contraception, sex education and PReP,” he said.


“After the repeal movement and the gay marriage referendum, we are so mobilised now. There is so much energy in the air for activism- being loud is really making change,” he said.


This was the first time that the Blindboy Boatclub Podcast came to a live audience DCU. Blindboy is the member of Rubberbandits, a comedy hip-hop duo.

His podcast has over 150,000 weekly listeners and has recently started touring venues around the country recording the podcast in front of a live audience, complete with special guests.

Gabija Gataveckaite

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