DCU Dance did not disappoint at intervarsities

Róise McGagh

Image Credit: Facebook

DCU Dance reclaimed their title at the dance intervarsities hosted by Technological University Dublin on March 7th in the National Boxing Stadium.

They placed in all categories apart from Jazz and came first in Mixed Dance.

“Mixed piece is our pride and joy because out of the past nine or 10 years we have won eight times and we came second last year to UCD,” said Chairperson Chloe Demoulder.

“I wasn’t around last year and we came second, so I kind of felt pressure to get the gold for mixed piece again,” said the mixed piece choreographer, Hayley Smyth.

“We brought home the bacon anyways, there are colleges out there who don’t place at all,” she said. 

“There were other choreographers that choreographed other sections. I oversaw the whole thing, did the group sections, the transitions and put everything together,” said Smyth.

“For contemporary, we came in third place and we all just burst into tears, because that was the first time contemporary has ever placed, or the first time I remember hearing of it placing,” said Demoulder.

“We were so so happy with that because it was really different to what we had one before, we had the black duct tape across our mouths, so that was tough to dance with,” she continued.

They came second in Irish dance and third in Hip hop with an all-girl squad. It’s the first time DCU have had no males on the Hip-Hop team for several years.

There was a stage and sound rehearsal at the venue the day before the event.

“We were kind of disappointed when we got there because the stage was really really small,” said Demoulder.

“We love having everyone there to support all the squads. Irish are always first and they barely get a good crowd so we made sure everyone was there,” she added. 

Rehearsals for the competition ran just after Christmas for two hours on a Wednesday and Thursday. Dancers were practising on top of their usual weekly rehearsals.

“The Monday and Tuesday [before the competition], it was like crazy long 10 hour rehearsals,” said Demoulder.

When asked about next year Demoulder, who is a final year, said it was scary trying to find people to take over the roles of Events and Chairperson in the society, but she feels it will work out.

“I’m actually in final year but I would love to do my year of grace. It’s really good to be involved in and I’ll definitely miss it now,” said Smyth. 

She said that the dancers haven’t slowed down after intervarsities and that they have the “best dance crew event coming up on April 1st and we have the Clubs and Socs ball on the 28th. We’ll be performing our mixed piece hopefully at that.”

Róise McGagh

Image Credit: Facebook