DCU Fencing win three medals at novice competition

Gerard Grimes

Steven Morris, Clodagh O’Donnell, Gabriel Berg.

Three DCU fencers won their first competitive medals recently, at a novice competition that was held in Galway.

Steven Morris, Clodagh O’Donnell and Gabriel Berg all won bronze medals at the competition for the club.

There are a number of novice competitions held through the academic year. These competitions are only open to fencers who have less than two years of experience in the sport.

Clodagh O’Donnell joined the club at the clubs and socs fair in first semester after talking to members of the club and explained how the sport has been a big part of her first year in college.

“I got into the sport when wandering around the clubs and socs fair at the beginning of semester one, it was unusual and I liked that.

“I got talking to the guys at the stand who were encouraging and positive about going to a training from a social aspect as well as a physical one, which was great for me being a first year,” O’Donnell said.

“Overall, I’ve had an amazing first year at DCU and fencing has been a big apart of that, from being able to go to Cork and Galway, meeting new people from other colleges and building confidence of my abilities in the sport though competing.

“Our team is small but we have a great group dynamic, and honestly, I just enjoy forgetting about college for a bit and stabbing my friends,” O’Donnell told The College View.

The club don’t have the same number of members as they did in first semester but club secretary Lee Licayan praised those who have continued with the sport.

“We don’t have as many members as we did at the start of semester one which is natural in any club or society.

“However the ones that have continued with the sport, like Clodagh, have gotten significantly better, especially in the past semester,” Licayan said.

He admitted that he hadn’t expectations on the fencers to come away from the competition with medals.

“Winning three medals for the club was never on my mind going into this competition but I really underestimated their growth and dedication as fencers.

“Winning your first medal in any sport is something to be immensely proud of and from both a committee and personal perspective, I couldn’t be happier for them,” he explained.

DCU’s last competition of the year will again take place in Galway at the end of March, as they compete in the intervarsities. They have had success at this competition in the past and Licayan, despite not having big expectations, may be surprised again.

“Our focus right now is the Intervarsities. We’re not expecting to achieve any major victories but with the recent success of our novice fencers, I might be one again surprised.

“Our goal for next year is to acquire and retain more members in order to develop the presence of the club within DCU as well as continue to train our current fencers to the highest standard possible for future success,” he said.

Gerard Grimes.

Image Credit: Kevin Ledwith