Is the 70’s the trend of the summer?

If you ask anybody that lived through the 70s, they were a dark time fashion-wise. Flared trousers were unmentionable a decade ago but now appear everywhere. Why has the opinion changed?

Fashion is different from music in the way that it’s not as universally timeless. The most recently overcome fashion trends are always the cringiest. Take super low rise skinny jeans with diamante belts and ugg boots in the early 2000s for example. We’re now at a point in time where the 70s are far away enough to forget all the cringy elements and romanticise everything else. The 70’s have been slowly creeping back into our wardrobes in recent winter months, through corduroy and turtlenecks, but Paris Fashion Week runway styles have solidified it as this year’s summer trend.

Multiple designers took inspiration from the 70s for their new lines. The launch of TommyXZendaya not only saw the 70s in its pieces, all over zodiac printed suit was one of the standouts, but also in its presentation. The runway’s design was inspired by roller discos and the casting played homage to the 1973 Battle of Versailles fashion show with 59 black women, ages 18 to 70, including the world’s first black supermodel, Pat Cleveland. Elie Saab’s show featured everything from high necks, disco dresses and vibrant primary-coloured thigh-high leather boots. Whilst Celine started its show with a model trapped “frozen” inside a glass atrium, wearing a 70s silk scarf, suddenly coming to life and strutting down the runway.

The 70s were a decade of freedom and expression across every walk of life so fashion was no different. Anything and everything went but like any decade there were a few stick-out trends. Don’t be surprised if your summer wardrobe revamp could double as your mother’s thirty-five years ago. Last year we saw culottes, fitted trousers and joggers when summer days weren’t quite at shorts level, but this year is all about the flares. Trousers and skirts were equally popular for girls so keep an eye out for mini denim or peasant dresses.

You may not have worn knee-high socks since secondary school, but they are also making a come-back. In the 70s, the suit was no longer reserved for men and there was one for all levels of formality, from pyjama inspired to tailored pieces. No outfit is complete without hair so keep an eye out for wrapped scarves and colourful slides. Even if none of the staple pieces makes it into your summer wardrobe, one of the staple materials of the decade are bound to.

Prepare to see corduroy, suede and crochet everywhere you go.

You’re sure to find inspiration everywhere on the high street this summer but if you’re looking for instant inspiration, head to Zara where they have already mastered the trend to a fine art. Regardless of where you purchase the pieces, don’t hesitate in wearing them. They may differ from your other day to day outfits but fashion is about conquering boundaries.

Gillian Hogan 

Image Credit: Eveningstrand