IT Sligo set to receive €13.7 million in investment

James Nolan

The Department of Education and Skills announced a €13.7 million capital allocation towards significant building upgrades in IT Sligo.

The funding is set to be provided under Project Ireland 2040, which commits exchequer investments of €2.2 billion in Ireland’s higher education infrastructure over the coming decade.

The capital investment, which is being provided by the Higher Education Authority, will facilitate the consolidation of the recently established Yeats Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture, as well as the formation of a North Campus Creative Hub.

The Creative Hub will aim to allow art, design and architecture students to optimise the commonalities of the various disciplines in a fit for purpose, collaborative environment. The development is seen as an integral component in the master plan of IT Sligo to grow to 10,000 students.

Minister for Education Joe McHugh said that the announcement demonstrates the government’s commitment to the Project Ireland 2040 initiative, stating that the funding is part of a broader programme focused on essential campus upgrades.

“The funding announcement for IT Sligo demonstrates the Government’s commitment under Project Ireland 2040 to advancing significant infrastructure investment in the higher education sector. The funding is part of a broader programme focused on essential campus upgrades and refurbishments.”

“The funding announced today will facilitate a significant upgrade of the existing North Campus in IT Sligo, and will also support IT Sligo as a member of the Connaught Ulster Alliance in working towards Technological University status.

Minister of State with Responsibility for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor said she was pleased with the announcement as IT Sligo continues to be a leader in the areas of online and blended learning.

“IT Sligo has been, and continues to be, one of the leaders in the areas of online and blended learning. I am pleased that this investment will support the institute to further expand opportunities in this area, particularly in relation to science and engineering courses.”

“The funding will facilitate the repurposing of decanted space on campus, enabling IT Sligo to enhance its online, lifelong and research learning provision. The upgrade and modernisation of existing higher education infrastructure will continue to be a key focus of investment under Project Ireland 2040,” added Mitchell O’Connor.

IT Sligo student Dylan Martin has said that the announcement has been met with excitement around campus.

“It’s a very big deal for students here. We are excited to hear about the funding. The college is looking to compete on a national level with other institutions and universities, and this investment will aid students in reaching their full potentials and thus achieving this goal,” said Martin.


James Nolan

Image Credit: IT Sligo