The girls are back in Derry

Caitlin Laird

l-r: James Maguire (Dylan Llewellyn), Michelle Mallon (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell), Erin Quinn (Saoirse Jackson), Orla McCool (Louisa Harland), Clare Devlin (NIcola Coughlan),

The very much anticipated new season of Derry Girls has finally returned to our screens and people can’t get enough of it.

The first season of Derry Girls ended on a sweet and powerful note as it showed the group of friends laughing and dancing around on stage at their school talent show while it then cut to Erin’s family home where they watched the news telling them of another terror attack during The Troubles.

It depicted to the audience the real impact The Troubles had on families during that time while people were going about their daily life they still had the worry of trying to keep their families safe.

The last scene of season one when Granda Joe places his hand on Gerry’s shoulder shows that even though they have a difficult relationship it doesn’t matter in times of trouble.

Everyone was left on a sad note at the show ending and having to wait for another season to come out. That wait is finally over and Erin, Michelle, Clare, Orla and James are back to brighten up our Tuesday nights with fun and laughter.

The first episode aired with the title ‘Across the Barricade’ as the friend group went off on an outdoor pursuits weekend with their school to make friends with a group of protestant boys.

The whole idea of the weekend was to build better relations with the two sides and to talk about their similarities as well as their differences. This did not go to plan as Michelle and Erin had a different idea in mind.

They saw the weekend as a way to get very close with the boys and to do more than just “building bridges” with them.

The two groups could pinpoint more differences than similarities and once Michelle saw that her man of choice was wearing a purity bracelet she then wanted to swap with Erin’s man.

Clare had her own struggle trying to communicate with a boy who was half deaf in which there was a misunderstanding with the words catholics and athletes.

James tried to show off more of a masculine side which ultimately just freaked out anyone who was in his company but made for good comedy to the audience watching. Orla being her usual odd and random self made sure to put others on edge with her unusual interest for outdoor survival.

The first episode also showed the return of other very well liked characters like Sister Michael and Father Peter who add them extra bit of comedic moments that we all love whether it is Sister Micheal giving out about doing anything or Father Peter worrying about his hair.

Erin’s family also made their appearance with Granda Joe and Gerry doing their regular routine of Granda Joe snapping at Gerry whenever he gets the chance and Erin’s mother Mary giving out while Aunt Sarah chimes in with a comment that usually sets the family to just stand and stare in utter confusion or shock.

After all the fighting between the two sides, they called for the parents to come and sit down and talk with the students in which it caused Erin to realise they do have a similarity. The show then ended with Erin going up to the blackboard and writing under similarities “Parents” while she smiled over at a protestant boy from the other group.

Amidst all the laughing and jokes, there are certain moments where it shows the real atmosphere and views that were very high during The Troubles. Derry Girls highlights that story within the comedy and it works very well in catching your attention as well as your laughter.

This will continue to be highlighted throughout the new season in which everyone will be glued to every Tuesday night.

Caitlin Laird
Image Credit: radiotimes