DCU says no to alcohol in Londis

Cáit Caden

DCU Londis were granted planning permission for an alcohol licence, however DCU have no plans to use this licence at the present time.

The prospect of alcohol being sold on campus in the DCU Londis may be possible, if certain restrictions are put in place.

“DCU may decide at a future time to allow off-licence sales in the Londis Unit on campus under limited and very controlled conditions but this is not under consideration at this time,” said a DCU spokesperson.

It is not yet known what “controlled conditions” need to be considered in order for DCU Londis to be able to sell alcohol with their newly granted planning permission to do so, or what kind of alcohol they may be permitted to sell.

There is currently no off-licence section in the chain’s branch on the DCU Glasnevin campus, although most Londis Retail shops have one,  however DCU Londis recently won a planning dispute to include one.

DCU Londis Retail Manager at DCU Donnie Christian stated that “at this time” he does not have anything to add to the statement provided by the DCU spokesperson, when he was asked for an on the record comment.

At the beginning of the academic year a source told the College View that DCU Londis were in touch with Sober soc about student alcohol consumption, even though DCU Londis do not yet sell alcohol.

DCU Londis are in favour of promoting alcohol awareness with Sober soc according to the source.

“We will sell alcohol in a very controlled manner which encourages a responsible approach to the consumption of alcohol,” said a DCU official to The Times Ireland edition.

It was not specified whether this quote was in relation to the selling of alcohol in the college bar, NuBar, or in relation to the newly granted permission DCU Londis has to implement an off-licence.

DCU’s stance on alcohol sales is that they recognise “students are purchasing and will continue to purchase alcohol for consumption on campus,” a DCU official told The Times Ireland edition.

“I don’t think it will affect Nubar. Most certainly not,” said a spokesperson from college pub in relation to the possibility of an off-licence being attached to DCU Londis.

“NuBar is a bar and restaurant where people come to meet and have fun and laughs all while having food and drink, an off licence in Londis is the same as an off licence in spar at the top the avenue,” continued the spokesperson from Nubar.

Director of Eurospar on Ballymun Avenue Edward Glennon tried to stop permission for an off-licence to be granted to the DCU convenience shop, by lodging an appeal against the decision by Dublin City Council who approved the opening of one.

Glennon’s argument was that Europsar, which has an off-licence, was 500 metres away from DCU.

He also argued that a “university campus was not suitable for an off-licence because it ran counter to the university’s reputation as global sports campus promoting healthy and active lifestyles,” according to The Times Ireland article.

Glennon lost the appeal and DCU Londis can open an off-licence as a result.

If an off-licence is introduced into the DCU Londis in the future as a result of the new planning permission, it is unclear where it might be placed.

It will not occupy the space where Hodges and Figgis campus bookshop used to be, as this will be converted into a stationary shop.

Although DCU Londis won their case, An Bord Pleanála refused permission for a convenience shop in Shanowen Square to include part off-licence use on March 12th.

Cáit Caden

Image Credit: Flickr