Drake’s performance at the 3 Arena was a slam dunk

Sarah Louise Barrett

The third week of spring, under the lights of Dublin’s docklands, gather Irish and international fans in their hoards to meet outside the 3Arena to see their god-like idol, the world’s best selling artist, Canadian streaming chart-topper, Drake.

Drake blessed his Irish fans with three tour dates on his Assassination Vacation tour to promote his album Scorpion. He made it to the arena after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but his fellow record label chum, Nicki Minaj, unfortunately didn’t. She cancelled after her equipment didn’t make it across the Irish sea due to a storm.

With support on night one, hype had been built since January for the Toronto tornado’s awaited return to an Irish stage. With rumours of a flying Ferrari and scorpions for some of his other tour dates, no one was sure of what would happen – except that it would be spectacular.

The first Dublin date didn’t disappoint. The average price of a ticket was €140 and the first night didn’t sell out, with some upper seated tier tickets still available. The support act Tory Lanez, Drake’s pal,  started the night sluggishly. He wore his diamond pieces on stage throughout his set, but took them off amid his crowdsurfing, possibly for fear someone in the crowd would take them. Drake’s touring DJ, Tiffany Calver carried out supporting justice much better.

Drake began the night behind a massive smoke and screen mirrored structure, he performed Mob Ties and paced on stage, surrounded by holographic scorpions, which was unbelievably mesmerizing. Drake wears controversy, like Tory Lanez wore his diamond pieces at the show. Having beef with fellow artists Kanye West and Pusha T, Drake is often noted for playing the victim in public beef. He owned the stage like a king.

With Ireland’s up and coming hip hop community and talent pool, Drake’s standing area was packed out, considering the dates were only announced in January. There was an energy that can only be described if one was in attendance.

Drake evidently showed why he is a streaming superstar and hip hop giant. He delivered a 35 song set list to a demanding crowd. As Drake performed Yes Indeed, a yellow Ferrari flew over the crowd and travelled through the arena. The Ferrari was a classic prop, which left concert attendees shocked and exhilarated. It was, in actuality, a drone. At times, the incredible show almost outshone Drake’s performance but he took it back every time it did.

He invited a punter up on stage to try win €20,000, by getting the basketball into the hoop as the stage functioned as a basketball court. The punter missed and so did Drake. Throughout the night, he filled up his set with greatest hits medleys, I’m Upset,  Passionfruit, Controlla, Fake Love, In My Feelings, Headlines and Started From The Bottom, he gave Conor McGregor a shout out, whom he referred to as his “brother”, and also had the Irish flag projected on stage.

He ended his set with the most streamed song of all time, God’s Plan. Drake managed a day out in Tallaght to play basketball in the national arena, got an Eddie Rocket’s milkshake, and ended his three date sprint on March 22nd. He’s due to play six nights in London, two in Antwerp, Belgium, and three in Amsterdam next month. The visual effects of the show were other-worldly and impressive. Drake chewed up the crowd, spit them out, undoubtedly made them want to live their best life. Drake owned it.

Sarah Barrett

Image Credit: Independent.ie