Go-Ahead make final takeovers of Dublin Bus routes

Eoin Harte

Go-Ahead Ireland have taken over three Dublin Bus routes in the final stage of the takeovers. 

The 18, 76 and 76a bus routes will also now be operated by Go-Ahead.

Buses taken over by Go Ahead Ireland will keep the same fares and ticketing as Dublin Bus, with users still able to use Leap Cards on the new buses.

Dublin Bus Rambler as well as Annual and Monthly TaxSaver tickets will also continue to be valid on these routes. Daily and weekly bus fare capping will also still apply.

The buses under Go-Ahead’s operation will have a new look, with much more blue being featured in their design.

A total of 21 bus routes will be operated by Go-Ahead, on behalf of Transport for Ireland (TFI).

TFI has said passengers on these routes will “see immediate improvements in frequency and service levels.”

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has said it has approved a programme of service improvements and modifications on Dublin Bus routes in the coming weeks.

“This final phase of changes being introduced this coming weekend are part of an overall process of increasing frequency and improving services on about 50 bus routes in Dublin, operated under the Transport for Ireland brand,” said NTA Chief Executive Anne Graham.

“This is part of the single biggest programme of service improvements that the NTA has ever approved and it is an indication of the level of commitment we have to making the bus service better for more passengers across the network in Dublin,” Graham said.

The Go-Ahead group is a provider of passenger transport in the UK, Ireland, Singapore and Germany, with over one billion journeys made on its bus and trains services each year.

It was founded in 1987 in North East England and has its headquarter in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Real time information for routes operated by Go-Ahead are currently available on the TFI Journey Planner app. The app is freely available on both Apple and Android devices.

The 155 route run by Dublin Bus has also come into effect which travels from Ballymun to Bray.

The 155 will start at IKEA in Ballymun and end at Bray rail station and will go through DCU, Phibsborough, the city centre, Donnybrook, University College Dublin, Stillorgan Road, Cabinteely, Shankill.

Members of the DCU Students’ Union have reacted positively to the new 155 bus route as they believe that it will make a number of students’ daily commutes easier.

Class Representative Council Chair Helen Wade welcomed the new route.

“I got a leaflet through the door saying there’s going to be this new bus route. So I was like ‘oh savage, trips to Bray from DCU no bother’ so I think it’s really positive.

“It’s a straight run so if you want to hop from DCU to UCD or Bray now you can,” she said.

SU Clubs Officer Thomas Dorian was happy to hear that the 155 is now in operation.

“It’s news to me and I think it is positive because students will be able to get to places easier. I suppose once it is affordable for students and that they won’t start rising prices.

“I think it’ll be a lot better to connect students from this campus to other parts of Dublin. It’ll hopefully cut commuter times for some students that would have to go get different buses,” added Dorian.


Eoin Harte

Image Credit: DublinBusStuff