Grub Guide: Meltdown

Cheese, cheese, cheese and more cheese. The glorious substance that can transform and dish, snack or sandwich to something spectacular.

It gets a lot of good press from hungry writers the world over but even still, it definitely deserves more recognition.

Meltdown in Templebar has taken it upon themselves to showcase the wonder of the nutritious dairy product. They have shown true beauty and endless possibilities that can come from a bit of cheese and bread.

Located just outside the Button Factory, this hole in the wall sandwich bar makes delicious toasties far outside the realm of anything made at home.

Meltdown has taken the humble grilled cheese sambo and turned the norm of standard ingredients completely on its head, sending shockwaves through the Dublin foodie community.

Easily recognisable by the festival inspired navy, pink and yellow adorned window with a black and white striped canopy, it’s eye-catching exterior makes it difficult to miss.

There is a staple menu of grilled cheeses supported by specials like the lasagna sandwich, yes you heard that right, a lasagna sandwich called the “Lasagna Impasta”. It features a sourdough outside filled with lasagna emmental, country relish, chorizo and grated carrot, enough to get the heartbeat elevated a little.

They also offer cheese boards, speciality coffee, salads and ice cream.

The seasonal salads will have the taste buds salivating at the sounds of it featuring mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, avocado, seeds, mango, scallions and beetroot. For those looking for a bit more protein they also have the options to add char-grilled chicken and feta for a small bit extra.  

Imagine having a lovely macaroni and cheese for dinner. Now take that dinner, add bacon, scallions and more cheese. Now take that, put it between two slices a of beautifully buttered fresh bread. Now toast it until the bread is sumptuous shade of golden brown and the cheese is oozing out the side.

That is exactly what Meltdown has done with one of their signature sandwiches, the “Mac Mama”. It is one of many creations, founder Maeve O’Malley, came up with that has put her epic toasties a step above the rest.

For those that like a bit of kick, the Spicy Cajun will get the mouth tingling with heat. Filled with char-grilled chicken, red cheddar, cajun sauce, buttermilk ranch sauce and of course the stable of any spice-lovers cupboard, jalapeños.

Prepare for the meat sweats with the taste sensation known as “The Ribmelt”. A generous helping of bbq pulled pork squished inside 2 slices of sourdough alongside caramelised onion, red cheddar and macaroni. It’s good….its very very good.

The plant based customer need not worry, there are vegan options and not all the cheese is dairy based. The Vegan Hun grilled cheese uses dairy biggest rivals, Follow Your Heart shredded mozzarella instead of the regular type alongside basil pesto, red onion, tomatoes and rocket so no one is left out from enjoying the mouth pleasure of the cheese.

Students on a budget can look no further for lunch than stopping by Temple Bar for a quick bite in their on street terrace, offering a student meal deal for €8.50. It includes any toasty with one of their speciality coffee or a can.

Other than the student deal it can be a tad on the pricey side for what is still a sandwich with the majority costing just under €8 for something that doesn’t come with the usual side of crisps although it’s definitely worth trying for anyone feeling a bit peckish in the city centre.

Atmosphere 6/10

Food 9/10

Service 7/10

Location 8/10

Value for money 6/10


Mikey Walsh

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