Tailoring for tattoos

If you decide to commit to tattoos, there are certain things to consider when styling outfits in order to use tattoos as an accessory.

Tattoos are essentially pieces of jewellery that you can’t take off so it’s important that the colour and style of your clothes compliments your body art.

A Fox News poll reported that a bigger percentage of women have tattoos than men so fashion issues regarding tattoos are becoming the norm.

It’s particularly difficult to style colourful tattoos and sleeves as a lot of clothes can clash with these tattoos. A lot of people have a certain theme or style which all their tattoos follow and the same can be done with fashion to work around your tattoos.

If you have a bold and vibrant tattoo, then toning down your outfit works to maintain a balance. The human eye is usually directed to certain parts that attract attention so if you want this to be your tattoo then a busy outfit will take the eye away from your ink.

For nights out, a single neutral colour is easy to pull off with colourful tattoos. Picking single colours compliment tattoos, typically a contrasting colour. However, it’s important not to limit yourself to one fashion genre, for example, the style of Kat Von D does not need to be every woman’s go-to style.

With black nature style tattoos, styling clothes is a simple task compared to coloured tattoos. Most clothes suit plain black tattoos, which are becoming increasingly popular. The hippie look is not difficult to achieve with the right autumn colours to maintain a nature theme in clothes and tattoos. Burnt orange, greens, browns and yellows are good for this look.

If you get a tattoo with the purpose of being able to show if off easily, then it’s important to think of placement before you get inked. Ankle tattoos are easy in this sense as these can always be on display with skirts, dresses shorts and by rolling up jeans.

For tattoos on the spine finding the right backless dress is simple and for thigh tattoos, skirts with fishnet tights are a great way of drawing attention to a tattoo.

To make a wrist tattoo visible, wearing a bold watch is a way of making it stand out or use the stacking technique with bracelets. Winter is a tricky time to show off tattoos when it comes to staying warm and trying to not be completely covered up. For shoulder tattoos, an off the shoulder top is perfect.

When it comes to tattoos sometimes opposites work well together however it’s hard to pull this off. For example styling, fierce tattoos can work well with very girly clothing. Contrasts like this usually only work for blackwork tattoos.

No matter how you style your clothes and tattoos, being able to look good and feel comfortable is easy to achieve with a well thought out wardrobe.

Roisin Maguire 

Image Credit: Alison Clair