DCU archery win at Trinity College Open

Eoin Harte

DCU student Oskars Veide came first in the Recurve Advanced men category at the recent Trinity College Archery Open.

Chairperson of the DCU Archery Club Rihannon O’Connor came second in her category, Recurve Intermediate women, at the Open in what rounded off a successful year for the university’s archery club.

O’Connor spoke to The College View about both the Trinity Open and the final intervarsity of the year which was held in the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

“We had the NUIG Intervarsity this weekend after the Trinity Open and I placed 3rd in the Intervarsity which was a surprise as I hadn’t been doing well this year compared to others. I had to put my final year project and archery committee duties first,” O’Connor said.

In the Student’s National Indoor League DCU placed well in the overall results, coming first in the compound team category second in the mixed team category and third in the recurve team category.

“I’m extremely proud of how the team did this year, as captain and chair I think they did amazingly and I’m very proud of them. We had fewer numbers than last year in Archery yet we still managed to do well in most categories.

“NUIGs Intervarsity was the final intervarsity of the year and overall DCU did very well. We placed second overall as a college and placed in five individual categories with seven medals,” O’Connor explained.

Kealan O’Connor, Fiachra MacDermott, Oskars Veide, Ryan Kirk, Luke Oonan, Niamh Merry and Tara McMullan were the seven DCU students to pick up medals in the Student’s National Indoor League.

They placed in a number of categories ranging from recurve advanced men to compound women, with Niamh merry coming in first place in the compound women category.

O’Connor, a final year Multimedia student believes that DCU Archery have a bright future ahead of them and believes that herself and her teammates have made significant progress throughout the year.

“At first, I wasn’t that happy with my performance throughout the year as I had a lot of work to do. But by the end of the year, I had improved and I even hit a personal best in the last intervarsity.

“Being chairperson of Archery has made me become more assertive and has helped how I communicate with my team. It has been a busy year overall with lots of intervarsities and events and I had to balance the committee work with my college projects,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor will have to take a step back from university archery as she is finishing college this year but is confident that the club will continue to improve.

“As I’m finishing college this year I won’t be able to commit to the club as much as I have and I want to wish the club all the best for next year.”

The club is open to all students, staff and graduates of DCU professional equipment and training to those interested in taking part in the sport.

Eoin Harte

Image Credit: Santiago De Arribas De Renedo