DCUSU VP Craig McHugh elected USI VP for the Dublin Region

Amy Donohoe

Craig McHugh has been elected VP for the Dublin Region at the USI 2019 Congress

Current DCU SU Vice President for Education and Placement, Craig McHugh has been elected as the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Vice President for the Dublin Region.

McHugh first got involved in the student movement in 2014 when he ran for the Irish Second-Level Students Union. He was president there for two years.

He thanked DCUSU for his success. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for DCUSU. My heart and soul is in DCU and I’ll be eternally grateful and I will miss DCU very much.”

In DCU, McHugh was class representative during his first year of Economics, Politics and Law in 2016. He was elected Humanities faculty representative in 2017 and was elected Vice President for Education and Placement in 2018.

“DCU has given me so much that I wanted to give back to DCUSU and now I want to contribute to the national student movement,” he said.

Throughout the year he was involved with the USI and was part of many of their campaigns, such as “Fund the Future” and “Raise the Roof”, and helped to organise protests and lobby days.

However, his main focus was on student accommodation.

“Craig has shown himself to be an excellent Sabbatical Officer in DCUSU as well as an activist on student accommodation with the #RaiseTheRoof campaign and on the #FundTheFuture campaign on the funding of higher education, student fees, and grants.” said current USI VP for the Dublin Region, Colm O’Halloran.

McHugh will have to ensure operations go smoothly between student representatives of the newly formed Technological University Dublin SU which includes Tallaght, Blanchardstown, and DIT. O’Halloran said he has “every faith that Craig will excel at supporting them.”

“The coming year is really about growth. I’d love to see a number of institutions students’ unions come back into the fold, particularly that of UCD and I’d love to see the day where they consider re-joining.” McHugh stated.

He continued, “I think the best student movement that’s united particularly in Dublin if all the major institutions got together we could do incredible things…We are always stronger together.”

His plans for student accommodation include trying to secure rent caps by working with the USI president and vice president for campaigns. “It’s a Dublin issue and a national issue,” he said.

McHugh also wants to work towards tackling climate change and continue working on the “Fund the Future” campaign.

“There are exciting things coming up ahead, things like ‘Give Us the Night,’ which is directly relevant to most students who go on nights out and it’s about saving the nightlife industry in Ireland. There’s a potential for students who don’t usually get involved to get involved there.”

“It’s about young people realising their voice can change things and I want to help nourish that on different campuses,” he concluded.

Amy Donohoe

Image Credit: USI Facebook