DCUSU year in review: VP for Academic Affairs Callaghan Commons

Sally Madden

Callaghan Commons Credit: DCUSU

Callaghan Commons plans to build upon his “Don’t Drop out Drop in” campaign, as he enters his second year as Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The campaign was run with the aim of assisting incoming first years and their adjustment to university life by highlighting the support services available to them in DCU.

“This was aimed at first year students who may have been struggling from the jump to college from secondary school and may be unsure about their course, university life, feeling isolated and may be considering dropping out altogether,” said Commons.

Commons said that often,  it is welfare campaigns, and not education campaigns, that receive the most funding and engagement, and so he was impressed with how “Don’t drop out. Drop in,” was received. He said this has inspired him to launch another education campaign of some sort next year.

However, it seems that a lot of first year students were not made aware of “Don’t Drop out, Drop in” this year.

Ella McNevin, a first year multimedia and politics student, says she was never told about “Don’t Drop out Drop in.”

“I’ve seen a poster for it I think,” she told me. “But no, no one ever spoke to me about it, and I don’t actually know what it is.”

Chloe Carey, a first year engineering student, told The College View she had never heard of the campaign.

However, Commons says that he didn’t expect every first year student to engage with the campaign.

“If everyone’s engaging with it, there’s an issue,” he says. “It’s the ones who aren’t sure about their course, or college life in general. They’ll see the posters and engage with it.”

He added that this year was a “trial run,” for the campaign.

Commons’ other major project this year was Careers Week, and notes it as one of his biggest achievements of the year.

However, Careers Week was criticised by some for having nothing to offer nursing students.

While Commons’ feels that the week went very well he admitted that having nothing for student nurses was unfortunate, and aims to get nursing agencies involved for next years Careers Week.

Commons will be returning next year as the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

He secured the position by beating Ailish Keating in a victory of 1,818 votes to Keating’s 857.

Sally Madden

Image Credit: DCUSU