The Beast Eatery

Roisin Maguire

Vegan Food

Eating plant based in Dublin city centre is in higher demand than ever before, therefore they city is changing to adapt to these demands. With restaurants like Token and takeaways like the McGuinness Takeaway, eating vegan fast food is becoming more and more popular. Another restaurant that has been brought to people’s attention is The Beast Eatery which specialises in comfort food on a plant based diet.


The Beast Eatery is Ireland’s first vegan eatery and takeaway in Dublin by Moodley Manor. Mooney and Pedley started out five years ago as Moodley Manor, a company that makes vegan products.The Beast Eatery is featured, with many other favourites, on a website called Plant Based Ireland which makes lists of plant based restaurants in Dublin and in many other locations. Beast was formerly a chip shop located in Victoria Quay-now turned vegan diner.

Location is not ideal but it is central, it is a bus journey away from O’Connell Street but certainly worth it. Outside, the neon sign gives light to a dark street located on the south side of the Quays. Customers can sit at L-shaped wooden tables where they can watch their meal being cooked behind the counter. The idea behind this counter was to create the feeling that customers are at a dinner party where they can see the host and interact with the host which creates a warm and welcome atmosphere.

On the Beast Eatery’s website, it gives an insight to the making of the restaurant. Moodley Manor was created by two people called Ais and Gav who describe themselves as “a bit alternative” and most importantly vegan food lovers. After they met, they realised that eating vegan was not as easy as it should be so they started creating delicious vegan meals which can be bought online and delivered around Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and some European countries.

The couple make all their “badass food in Ireland by hand” with the same love as when they cook for each other, as described on their website. Beast Eatery was recently created as a new adventure for the couple which has been the biggest and best idea that they have had. It is a huge undertaking for a small business like this to branch into having their first restaurant however it has proved as a success so far.

In the opening of the new location, they have given freebies such as 22 restaurant credit for 20, to 120 restaurant credit for the price of 100 which made for a successful launch for the new business.

Beasts menu, is small but tremendous with the highest price being 12 for most burgers. From breakfast burgers with their very own “Savage Sausages”, hash browns, “Badass Bacon”, and their home made 3am garlic slaw to wings made with vegan chicken strips coated in either hot sauce or garlic butter-there is something here for all eaters. Soy milkshakes of flavours- chocolate, banoffi, raspberry, caramel and strawberry and, of course, soft drinks and tea or coffee. Mouth-watering sides include their hand cut fries roasted in garlic oil to a level of crispy that is difficult to achieve with their harissa dips and “3am garlic mayo”.

The Beast Eatery is closed on Monday and Tuesday and are open until 10pm every night apart from Sundays when they close at 8pm. They also do delivery which is very difficult for a small business like this. Moodley Manor’s website also features their individual products that they sell, such as their garlic mayonnaise, more-ish mince meatballs, chick-hun, badass bacon, meat free moodley roast and boss burgers.

Beasts Facebook page is full of the new and wonderful creations that the couple are constantly trialing- their latest being vegan whiskey cheesecake. They have a very active social media presence on Instagram and Facebook with every post making people want to try every single item on the menu.

The price range is typical of a Dublin restaurant but you can always guarantee that you will leave feeling satisfied with the mammoth sized burgers they serve daily and the packed until overflowing tacos that they dish out which are so popular that there’s sometimes a shortage of ingredients.

The chilled and relaxed playlist created the atmosphere that all restaurants thrive for – calm and free. The only issue is that there’s not enough time to sample every item on the menu but the vegan butter chicken wings with hot sauce is top of the list.

Atmosphere- 8/10

Price- €€- 7/10

Location- 7/10

Roisin Maguire

Image Credit: The Beast Eatery, Facebook