The best college getaways

Aoife McMahon

College Get Away

Planning one night out with your college friends can prove to be an exhausting task, so planning what essentially is multiple nights out in a row, with the added difficulty of it being in a different country, can seem almost impossible. But just like with nights out in Town the best place to start with a college holiday is picking the destination.

For a lot of us college students we fall somewhere in between the categories of too old to enjoy Shagaluf and too poor to enjoy Paris. So, where’s the happy medium, well, the answer is a lot of places.

To start, there is the trusty Amsterdam. A gorgeous city where you can do a healthy mixture of sightseeing and seshing. You can start the day visiting the Anne Frank museum, (if you’ve booked your tickets in advance) the Van Gogh museum or the Banksy Exhibition in the Moco Museum and end it in Amsterdam’s famous Xtracold Ice Bar enjoying the unique nightlife Amsterdam has to offer. It’s guaranteed to meet your high expectations.

For a cheap, close to home holiday look no further than Edinburgh. I spent four days in this beautiful city, this January, and only spent €109 on flights and accommodation. Edinburgh is home to lots of fascinating history and a guided tour around the castle is a must. You should also visit Camera Obscura to see some trippy illusions or if you’re on a strict budget do the free Harry Potter tour, to see some of the JK Rowling’s inspirations for the book series.

While city breaks are easier to plan, if your group of friends are more into sun holidays, you should use sites like TUI, Kayak or Trivago and shop around for the best deals. Allow yourselves to be flexible with the exact area you want to go to, one town over could be significantly cheaper and taxis in other countries tend to be cheaper than in Dublin. Spain is great for hot weather and cheap food and drink.

If you’ve already been to places like Spain with family or are just looking for some place more original, try Bulgaria. Sunny Beach, a resort on Bulgaria’s black sea coast, is known to be a great value beach resort. However, the area is also known for having wild nightlife, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you can visit their capital Sofia for more sightseeing at affordable prices.

However you don’t have to leave the country to find the best holiday destinations. Ireland is full of great places to visit. Go back to the Burren if you’ve not been there since that school trip in 3rd year. Or stay for a long weekend at one of Ireland’s many adventure centres where you can go cliff diving, abseiling, canoeing and have a night out all in the one day. You also don’t have to pay for flights which brings down your cost down dramatically.

Remember, if you’re with the right company, it doesn’t really matter where you go.

Aoife McMahon

Image Credit: Pxhere