The College View reclaim Bill O’Herlihy Cup

Outgoing Sports Editors Gerard Grimes, John Morley and Hugh Farrell celebrate the College View's win

The College View beat DCUfm 13-4 in the Bill O’Herlihy Cup on Wednesday, reclaiming the title after a disappointing loss last year.

The match brought an end to this year’s intense rivalry between The College View and MPS. On April 10th, sports fans nationwide had their eyes on John Delaney’s appearance before the Oireachtas Committee, but the real action was happening in Glasnevin.

With both sides only having to travel from their home grounds in the Henry Grattan, they got off to an energetic start.

Goals came quickly for The View, with Craig Shaaban finding the back of the net in the 5th minute. Shaaban had an excellent performance, getting back to defend as well as scoring.

The View put pressure on FM’s defence right from the start, and The View were two goals up in the 9th minute. The goals kept on coming for The View, with Shaaban scoring again two minutes later.

It’s fair to say The View dominated the first 20 minutes, with a strong defence and a confident goalkeeper in Calum Atkinson.

20 minutes in The View were 6 goals ahead, and although it was early days, one couldn’t help but wonder if FM would be able to come back from a poor start. With such a strong attack force for The View, there was little FM goalkeeper Cathal O’Rourke could do to stop them.

The View were 8 goals up in the 25th minute before FM managed to get two goals, and it was the end of the first half.

The View’s John Morley scored the first of his hat trick in the 45th minute, and The View were winning 11-2 with 20 minutes to go. FM couldn’t stop the likes of Ruairi Carberry, Ian Brennan, Lorna Lawless and Joshua Freeman, who gave stellar performances.

FM got two more goals, but it was too late for the side, who gave everything they had in the game.

Before the cup trophy was presented to The View, Morley thanked FM and said they were a difficult team to beat. “I’m delighted to finally get the result and avenge our fallen brothers Alex and Gav,” he said, mentioning two players who were involved in the devastating defeat last year.

Speaking after the game, Morley said his side began training for the match two weeks ago. “We deserved to win but we went out there and we actually earned it as well so that was a very sweet way to end the three years in DCU.”

The View’s new Sports Editor Conor Breslin, who Deputy Sports Editor Shane Brennan described as “the Gary Neville of the squad”, was overjoyed.

“It’s an absolute honour, to be honest. Coming from the defeat last year, we just really learned and pushed on, and it’s just unbelievable.”

FM’s Sean Breslin said they weren’t prepared for the intensity of the game and it was too much for FM to catch up on the goals they’d conceded.

“It took us a while to get going, The College View really hit the ground running and they opened up a gap that was just too big for us to close.”

Courtney Fitzmaurice

Image credit: Courtney Fitzmaurice