Extreme Landlords

Roisin Maguire

With the economy booming, this can only mean one thing: a housing and renting crisis. While this is a well-known factor in everyone’s life, people need to be aware of the rise of extreme landlords.

There’s now, not only a housing crisis, but a renting crisis. People that have above average paying jobs can’t afford rent, let alone a mortgage with the average price of renting an apartment in Dublin at approximately €1,800 a month. Renting in Dublin now costs €4,000 more a year than what it cost in the Celtic Tiger era according to Daft.ie.

People have to settle for poor living conditions such as cramped houses, damp bedrooms which can have serious consequences for a person’s health and now they must deal with extreme landlords.

Almost everyone has a horror story from their experience in renting in Dublin city: sharing a room with a stranger to having your food stolen from your own cupboards but these are merely small inconveniences to some people.

A few unlucky renters have experienced extreme landlords and have documented this on social media. One young woman, Laura Evelyn, told the Guardian that she viewed a two bedroom flat in north London which seemed completely normal at the beginning. Laura is an actress who had a certain budget she has to abide by which meant finding a place to rent very difficult.

The landlord had a set of 31 rules that his flatmate had to stick to, some of which included: she was only allowed two visitors a month which had to be approved two weeks in advance, after eating she must wash up instantly and return to her bedroom and if she left any cutlery or dishes in the sink, there would be a £15 charge.

She was not allowed to sit in the living room to watch television which meant her social life and mental health would suffer from the isolation. She said that the housing market “had me by the balls” and that she was so desperate for a place to rent that she almost accepted it.

These problems are not just isolated to London and Dublin. An example was a landlord who advertised his apartment in Paris for free as long as the tenant has sex with him and wears a chastity belt at all times. In Dublin, there are landlords squeezing 20 people into a five bedroom house. Others are prohibiting students any access to the kitchen and rent their bedroom out at the weekend.

Some advertisements have stated that they do not allow meat eaters or certain star signs that they believe to be more hassle than others such as Gemini’s and Scorpio’s. These landlords just need someone to pay their mortgage and go away again until the next payment.

However, renters are being forced to accept this treatment which is increasingly getting worse with poor implementation of rent caps. The rise of extreme landlords is worrying and is preventing young graduates from living in their own countries.

Author: Roisin Maguire

Image Credit:Pxhere