DCU students devoted to Shite Nite

Jamie Mc Carron

DCU’s Nubar held the first ever “Devotion” on Tuesday, September 24th, marking the end of eleven years of “Shite Nite” .

Like its predecessor, the event attracted hundreds of students with it’s classic 70’s ,80’s and 90’s soundtrack.

Despite the change in branding, Devotion’s tagline reads “different name same shite” and NuBar’s General Manager Vinny McNelis confirmed that the night’s events haven’t changed.

The new name originates from Devotion Nightclub in Galway, a popular location with students, where McNelis worked twenty years ago .

When asked why “Shite Nite” had been renamed he told The College View “I felt at the end of last year it was getting a bit stale. Eleven years was long enough to call it one name”.

“The people don’t care as long as they’re looked after and enjoying themselves” he said.

Despite this, the introduction of “Devotion” has caused some mild controversy among students .

DCU Masters in Climate Change, Policy, Media and Society student, Amy Donohue, launched a Change.org petition to reverse the name change.  At the time of writing the “Change it back to Shite Nite petition had amassed 68 signatures in a week.

Donohue said: “Maybe they thought it was time for a revamp, but it’s clear that students prefer the original name”.

“I’ve been going to Shite Nite since I was a first year, so for them to rebrand with a worse name is disappointing. It doesn’t have the same ring to it” she said.

It is unconfirmed whether all of the petition’s signatories are current students or if some are simply nostalgic alumni.

The pushback from this change in NuBar mirrors 2017’s successful campaign to reverse the removal of one chicken goujon from the menu’s portion of five.

Donohue’s appeal for the return of Shite Nite has been reported on by both Joe.ie and Lovindublin.com with Lovindublin’s Eadaoin Fitzmaurice stating in her article that the rebranding of “one of the most famous student nights” is “unforgivable.”

Regardless of the name change, NuBar’s first official “Devotion” was attended by 420 people out of NuBar’s 570 person capacity. McNeilis said this is a typical turnout for the event showing that for most students the change is inconsequential.

Jamie Mc Carron

Image Credit: Shauna Power