Stranger Things season four trailer sparks suspicions

Natasha Lynch

Known for its cinematic essence of the 1980’s, Stranger Things pays homage to the pop culture of that decade. Its success can be owed to the retro soundtrack, first-class performances and impeccable writing. Creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, borrow the aesthetic and theme of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg films alike. 

The sci-fi smash, which first captivated Netflix viewers in 2016, ignited a fan frenzy with the release of season four’s teaser trailer. The 45 second clip has garnered an astounding nine million views within a week of being released.

The series logo is depicted flickering in the foreground of the alternate dimension, the Upside Down. Multiple Easter eggs are hidden in the background such as a clock tower, which fans are predicting shows the official release date of season four. The intriguing statement “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”, sets the tone for the upcoming season.

The first season centered around the disappearance of Will Byers amid supernatural events and the emergence of Eleven, a girl with psychokinetic abilities. It received high critical acclaim and saw an outstanding 97 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on this season alone, the Guardian listed it as the third best show of that entire year.

Season two saw the famous friend group recovering and dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events and the demogorgon monster. Will struggles to accept reality as he is still influenced by entities from the upside down and new character, Max, is a welcomed addition to the group.

The recent season three shows the lead up to the fourth of July celebrations. The new Starcourt Mall takes Hawkins by storm and creates a rebirth of the previously idle town. A secret Russian lab under the mall attempts to reopen the gate to the unnerving alternate dimension.The introduction of stand-out character, Robin, adds a sarcastic and sassy originality amidst the chaotic events.

Although fans believed certain episodes were tedious and that Nancy and Jonathan’s lacking subplot was unnecessary, it can be hailed as the best season yet. It is comical, heartfelt, compelling and integral.

The Duffer Brother’s talent of great characterisation is highlighted in each of the nine episodes. Hopper’s presumed death and scene-stealer Erica Sinclair were the main topics of discussion between dedicated viewers. The final episode is flawlessly executed and highly emotive, standing as a testament to the creators.

As seasons have passed, expectations for the series have grown and have been generously met. 40 million household accounts tuned in to season three this year, following its premier on the fourth of July .

Although there is no official release date for season four, previously teaser trailers were released a whole year before their actual premier. The Duffer Brothers have suggested that there may also be a fifth season but nothing has been confirmed. Netflix have signed the creators to a multi-year film and series deal for other projects in the meantime.

Many unanswered questions remain from the ending of season three. Of course, there are hopes for the friend group to reunite and for Eleven to regain her powers. However, the full agenda of the Russian lab is unknown, and will perhaps be the primary focus of season four. Fans wishfully speculate that the chain-smoking Chief Hopper will resurface after watching the post-credits scene.

Certainly, the final episode paved the way for a refreshing and mysterious twist for the new season.

Natasha Lynch 

Image Credit: WikiMedia