Blackhall group chat puts Law Society in hot water

Martha Brennan

The Irish Law Society is offering counselling to future trainee solicitors after an allegedly inappropriate male WhatsApp group chat was discovered on their campus. 

The group – called “Tits and Filth” – is under investigation after reports of inappropriate content.

Access to the app was shut down earlier this week at the Blackhall campus in Dublin after a notice was sent to students stating that the content of the chat gave rise to “profound ethical concerns”.

The society said yesterday that no evidence of “disparaging references to fellow female students” was found so far in their review, but that the investigation is ongoing.

The Law Society of Ireland educates all the future solicitors in the country after they have completed their undergraduate studies and secured a training contract with a firm.

When the chat was first discovered, TP Kennedy, director of education at the Society, said the nature of the messages had caused “deep distress” to students and that anyone who would send messages discussing female classmates may be “unfit” to qualify as a solicitor.

He said posting “inappropriate content” could lead the profession into disrepute and could have implications for the futures of those trainees involved.

The Law society updated students today about the findings so far and told them that the investigation would continue.

Some female students in Blackhall are unhappy with the investigation. One student who wishes to remain unnamed told us that some were questioning the extent of the investigation.

“I just don’t understand why they made such a big deal about the whole thing and are now coming back saying that there was nothing in the chat involving female students,” she said, “So what was said in there then?”

The website Legal Cheek published the story online, and public comments posted in response include some questionable feedback.

One user commented: “who snitched them out?” and another wrote: “God, we can’t seriously live in a world where regulators care about lads discussing talent.”

Mr Kennedy said that “Once the investigation has been completed the Law Society will determine what further disciplinary steps are required”.

Martha Brennan

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