DCU host Eurovision Extravaganza

Anja Zauers

The DCU Eurovision society recently held their biggest event to date, the Eurovision Extravaganza.

The talent show took place on Wednesday 23rd October, in the Venue on DCU’s Glasnevin campus all in aid of Pieta House.

Pieta House is a non-profit organisation which provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm.

“We chose Pieta House because it’s a very important charity, especially nowadays in education where signs of depression are very high and the government doesn’t give enough in the budget for Mental Health,” said Laurence Williams, chairperson of the society.

Laurence shared how he hopes the Eurovision Extravaganza will become an annual event. The society was originally set up by Alex Rice in September 2018 and consisted of intersoc karaoke nights along with DCU Eurovision and hosting their weekly radio show, “Eurotrash”.

The night consisted of ten acts in total along with two interval acts which included an Abba tribute band- Donna and the Dynamos and singer-songwriter Elina Felice.

Acts had to impress not only the audience but three judges, one of which was former Eurovision winner, Linda Martin. The panel also composed of Kazys Lengvinas, former Eurovision society committee member and VALACIOUSX an up and coming drag queen.

The night showcased a range of original talents with pop, rock, country and even an operatic performance. The voting process involved each member of the audience voting for their number one contestant, which was then counted and tallied at the end of the show along with the judges vote.

Japanese Sword Fishing won the contest overall after performing an original rock song. The band had originally faced a few technical difficulties with Linda Martin commenting on the fact that “the sound wasn’t working’ and how ‘she couldn’t hear anything”. However, the band was then given a second chance to perform their song at the end of the contest.

“We had a rocky start but thank you for giving us a second chance” said the lead singer after hearing the results. The band won a €50 Marks and Spencer voucher along with a one-hour recording session, in a recording studio in Dublin.

With just one point in the difference, singers Niamh Devine and Keith Eastwood came in at a joint second place.

The society currently has plans for a Karaoke night in December,  an Abba Night in 2020 and are also in the works of organising a possible trip to Eurovision 2020/ London Eurovision Party 2020.

Anja Zauers 

Image Credit: DCU Eurovision Society