Bleach London review

Beibhinn Thorsch

Bleach London is a cruelty free, vegan, sustainably aware, cool as hell hair (and now makeup) brand based in the UK and available online and in Boots here in Ireland. The brand’s image is edgy and cool but still safe and inviting for a newcomer to the hair-colouring world. 

While the company of course has a wild range of hair colours and products to choose from, it would be misguided to not firstly mention the product which their name is representative of – bleach. 

Bleach, or “lightener”, is available through three different kits by Bleach London. These are “Plex Bleach”, “Total Bleach”, and “No Bleach Bleach”.

The brand also sell their own coconut mixing bowls suitable to use with all their hair products. They have ditched the throw-away plastic bowl usually provided in hair kits in a move to be more sustainable. Their kits contain the product as well as a hair mask to prevent as much damage as possible once your treatment is finished. 

The “Total Bleach” and “No Bleach Bleach” kits cost less £8 on the Bleach London website, which is more affordable than the Boots website price of nearly €11. The “Plex Bleach” kit interestingly costs less (€10.50) than the other kits on the Boots website, but costs more (£11) than the others on the Bleach London website. 

“Total Bleach” is a standard, strong box bleach, while the “No Bleach Bleach” is more of a gentle lightener for hair that doesn’t need to turn white for the desired result. The “Plex Bleach” kit contains added protection for the hair. It’s not as strong as “Total Bleach” but this is, of course, because it is giving at least a little mercy to your hair in the process. 

The “Total Bleach” is extremely effective, lightening hair by leaps and bounds in only half an hour. The addition of the after-care sachets in the kits is a nice touch – but will not do much for hair that is particularly thick or long. You will also need to purchase multiple boxes of the stuff, just to be safe, if you have above-average hair thickness. Luckily the products are not on too high of a scale for their quality, and this isn’t unmanageable as an option.

Onto the hair colour range and quality. Bleach London hair colours come in an unboxed black bottle with a label that shows the name of the colour (usually something witty or fun) and a true version of the colour in its purest form. 

The bottles contain the colour premixed, and it comes out reasonably well once shook. Offering a wide variety of shades marketed directly at millenials, with plenty going for that “washed out” look, the colours are affordable as well as pigmented. The Bleach London website also offers bundle-deals. You can get three colours as they are, for a discounted rate, or you can avail of one of their pre-packaged bundles for creating the hair of your dreams from the comfort of your own bathroom. 

Their makeup follows the same mindset as the rest of the products – a mix and match style to fit the look you want instead of one curated for you. For the price, their makeup products have received high praise but have not risen above more popular and slightly more expensive products. Their at-home hair kits, however are unrivaled for ease, originality, and affordability.

Beibhinn Thorsch

Image Credit: Sathishaa Mohan