DCU Trampolining Club jumps to victory in Limerick

Aoife Breslin

DCU Trampolining Club came out victorious winning the varsities club trophy in Limerick last weekend scoring in the top 75 per cent of the competition as well as club member Niamh Ní Iceadha winning best form in the entire competition.

The DCU trampolining team competed against six universities around Ireland in what is “the first big trampolining competition of the university year.”

“I never seen a higher level of shock on people’s faces when they announced that we won, we aren’t a big trampolining club compared to others such as UCC or UCD so it’s a fantastic achievement for us,” team member  Ní Iceadha said about the win.

Ní Iceadha wasn’t only successful in the team event but also placed second in the advanced ladies’ section of the competition. She competed against 18 other women from around Ireland, which is double the number of women she competed against last year.

The Dublin native said she was “originally disappointed” with placing second but then realised she had received the best score she had ever scored in a routine. Ní Iceadha was unfortunate with her tariff score on the day but won best form overall.

“Best form is definitely the thing I like winning the most, in trampolining you score on tariff and form but I’m not great at the higher tariff stuff, but I know I’m good at form,” Ní Iceadha told The College View.

Ní Iceadha started trampolining when she was in fourth year of secondary school in her local club ‘Super Sonic’. She considers herself “quite a competitive person,” competing in many competitions over the years. This year Ní Iceadha placed first in nationals with her club.

“I won gold at nationals this year and also won gold in the qualifiers for nationals. Our team also won the overall competition which was a huge success for the club,” Ní Iceadha said when asked about competing.

Ní Iceadha hopes to continue her journey in trampolining by learning more skills and developing her synchronised trampolining and her double mini trampolining ability (DMT). “I would love to learn more skills in DMT and also increase my synchro, which is synchronised trampolining, so I would love to find a strong synchro partner for that,” Ní Iceadha said.

Varsities was Ní Iceadha’s last competition competing as an advanced lady as she has now moved up to the next category which is elite ladies.

“It is a lot harder, with a lot more somersaults, but I can’t wait to try it and push myself with something new,” said Ní Iceadha.

DCU’s trampolining club has been doing very well this year with many new students joining the club. They can already see its successes rising as there is a high demand of club members wanting to take part in competitions.

Last year the club went to the Sisto Junior Trampolining Open in Scotland, which is one of the international competitions they attend. Three members of the club competed last year, but already they have 11 students wanting to participate in the competition this year, showing the growth of the club.

Aoife Breslin

Image Credit: DCU Trampolining