Have the American people just simply gotten used to Trump?

Emma Nevin

President Donald J. Trump . (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

Trump’s statement that  “I had a perfect phone call with the President of Ukraine” is just one of over 13,000 false claims the President has made since taking office, according to the Washington Post.

It’s false, because not only was that infamous phone call imperfect, it was an outright breach of the powers of the presidency. Putting extreme pressure on Ukraine by halting military aid to start an investigation into Trump’s 2020 potential political rival is crossing a line that no president has ever (in the public’s knowledge) crossed before.

So, logically, as outside spectators of the theatrics of US politics, you would assume that this scandal would cause Trump’s approval rating to plummet, but that isn’t the reality. According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll released, the President has a very decent approval rating of 47%.

So even this phone call doesn’t have the public sold. What everyone thought would be the last straw for a country who has gotten so used to corruption during the last three years, has actually just turned into yet another unloaded gun instead of the smoking one the Democrats had hoped for.

The problem is, the public are getting so used to Trump and his various misdemeanors and controversies. That Ukraine phone call, where (if you read the transcript like Trump keeps telling us all too) you can clearly see that the President of the United States sought foreign interference in the 2020 election, would be a death nail for any other president. I believe there would likely have been a somewhat bipartisan effort to impeach him, but even if they survived an impeachment inquiry, they would have been murdered in their reelection campaign.

Ever since he was Candidate Trump, the President has been doing and saying outrageous things that we’re all aware of. But as time has gone on, and he became more and more controversial, from firing Jim Comey to being responsible for children being locked in cages and separated from their parents, it seems as though the American people have  become immune to all of his wrongdoings in a way that no other US president would have gotten away with.

It’s almost like there’s a combination of voters who are just totally zoned out (consciously or subconsciously) to the very fundamentals of their democracy being tested by this President, and also voters who find Trump more and more appealing with each scandal that breaks. The moment when a Pennsylvanian ‘swing voter’ responded to Alisyn Camerota’s question of would she still support Trump if she shot someone with “why did he shoot them?” has definitely got Democrats and citizens of the world concerned about Trump’s very real chances of getting reelected.

We’re living in a terrifying reality and the nightmare keeps getting worse. It is absolutely shameful that a country who take so much pride and value in being the “Land of the Free” has allowed themselves to accept and condone frequent corruption on it’s highest level. If Americans don’t wake up and change their troubling acceptance of this president soon, the whole world is gonna be subjected to another term with this man, and that’s a really scary thought.

Emma Nevin

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